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5.4 Changes Discussion

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#81 Rfeann


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 05:47 PM

Shadowcraft (web version) has had its 5.4 model updated with the nerf if you want to check for your own gear.

I deeply encourage this. I've done a minimal amount of poking about so far, toying with a single player's gear set within a very narrow range of gear options (upgraded heroic/heroic TF), and got this:

4pT15 + 5.4 gear: Hotsauce @ Stormreaver-US - ShadowCraft

4pT16 + 5.4 gear: Hotsauce @ Stormreaver-US - ShadowCraft

The 4T16 in that specific scenario is now modeling about 10% ahead, so assuming SC accuracy and matched by actual observations yada yada, there are no 4T15-superiority concerns there.

The comparison still gets a lot closer with the AoC trinket equipped:

4pT15 + 5.4 gear w/ AoC: Hotsauce @ Stormreaver-US - ShadowCraft

4pT16 + 5.4 gear w/o AoC: Hotsauce @ Stormreaver-US - ShadowCraft

In that case sample, the difference shrinks to just ~3%-4%, which makes me a little nervous. Although I want to point out the obvious: The strength of both the 4pT15 and AoC depend very strongly on target uptime, so in practice we will see huge variation in their respective benefits from fight to fight relative to T16 and some of the non-AoC trinkets.

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#82 Pathal


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Posted 30 August 2013 - 12:21 AM

The CD reduction trinket is still extremely powerful. Even the base LFR trinket is something like a 30% modifier, which causes AR+SB to drop 25% of it's CD. I haven't seen any estimates value it lower than other heroic 5.4 trinkets. I would highly recommend any guild / raid team to give it to a rogue if they think they will ever have to run as Combat.

Also, Assassin's Resolve buff was reverted back to 25%.

#83 Anguloce


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Posted 10 September 2013 - 10:38 PM

Considering Assurance and T15, what level would they have to be at for one to consider keeping them both?

From the little messing around I've done I see what T15 I have being more important than a lot of items, telling me breaking the set is a big no-no. However, all I have are the LFR versions of T15 as I haven't been able to find a suitable home after taking a break.

Obviously upgrading to Norm/H T15 would be beneficial, but if I am heading in to Flex/10 trying to progress, would the measly LFR gear be worth it? Or the stat loss far too great?

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