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Posted 29 June 2013 - 09:45 PM

Post: [Ret 5.3 MoP] Retribution Concordance (RetCon) - Who ordered the Mogu'gai Panda?
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Not sure how this contributes to the discussion in a theorycrafting thread. It is more of a "I am thinking out loud" moment I am guessing ?

Original Post:

1) HoPo generator = dmg and + 1 HoPo
2) HoPo consumer = dmg and - 3 HoPo

What`s better? ;) Oversimplified of course but still. A consumer would need to make tons of dmg to make up for the loss of HoPo as opposed to generating new HoPo. Would be interesting though to know the factor of +dmg a consumer would need to make to be better than a generator, especially regarding the current 4pc discussion.

I would prefer for the 4pc turning DS from a consumer into a generator as well. Great for dmg but could render defensive cooldowns (SS) near useless, as there might be no more free GCDs to fit them in anymore. Which could be ok, because if the situation asks for defensive mechanism, you would use them anyway.

For me the trouble is, I like dmg output and toolkit of Ret at the moment. I would prefer for Blizz not to fiddle around too much with that and instead give a simple dmg boost via set bonus.
They should rather spend their time on redesigning melee viability for boss fights in general (Tortos HC!!) and ret AE specifically. Complete pita to play. Don´t see my toon in all that spell graphics, don´t see what I targeted, don´t see whether I´m standing in crap until dbm alerts me, AE is locked in place (LH) or has low range (all), targets need to be in melee range AND in front of me, even the splash only goes to targets in front of me (HotR), etc.
There would be no need to buff dmg, just make it usable and less painful to play. OT, I know... ;)

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