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Warning for jdgaynor: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 12:21 PM

Post: Blood Tanking - Actively Mitigating since before it was cool
User: jdgaynor
Infraction: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.
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Don't split a quote into pieces like that. It makes your post longer than it needs to be, and can make a discussion turn into an argument as people pick each other apart point by point.

Original Post:

I'm not trying to tell DK's they are wrong. I'm not trying to blow up your worlds. I'm suggesting that Haste is a survivability stat that might be better than Dodge/Parry and giving one easy metric demonstrating it. The other more advanced theorycraft of your class is outside of my pay grade.

You may have to edit your first post then because it literally says "Haste overtakes Dodge and Parry as a survivability stat [given x health]" and you follow up with data that lists Haste as reducing DTPS more than Dodge/Parry as your evidence. That is equating decreasing DTPS = survivability.

This is accurate enough. Haste reduces DTPS more than Dodge/Parry. The other part of my argument flows from general tanking theorycraft. You might start by reading this: On Measuring Survivability | Sacred Duty

One element drives the analysis for me:

Corollary: If spike damage is dangerous, then minimizing the frequency and magnitude of high-damage periods is the most direct way to increase survivability.

That is to say, according to SimC, this proposed Mastery>Haste>Dodge/Parry build reliably lowers the magnitude of high-damage periods.

You point to some advantages of dodge/parry. They can help you delay when your next Death Strike will go out. A good enough Dodge/Parry streak and you can avoid some dangerous moments in an encounter all-together. Most raiders I know prefer not to rely on RNG-to-Victory though. That's the advantage of running approximately 15 million reps on the Sim Charts I produced. The frequency of such periods is often controlled by the encounter and what cooldowns you have access to.

Every build has trade offs. You've pointed out some tradeoffs on the Mastery>Haste>Dodge/Parry build I've suggested. Those ideas should not be fatal to my attempted contribution. You might also compare the analysis between gearing strategies here:
http://elitistjerks....trategies<br />
Again, I suspect that many tanks would prefer the extra control that extra resource access gives them.

You are still susceptible to burst now that you have a weaker Blood Shield and Runes on CD so you have to hope that you avoid something during the actual burst instead of before or during.

I disagree. The Blood Shield you make should be just as strong; you're still stacking Mastery. Haste just gives you the option of applying the Blood Shield sooner. All good tanks sometimes wait on using resources for the right moment.

2.) This is another case where I have to ask: Why does the health of the DK matter? Is it because of minimum Blood Shields?

I suspect the health matters because it increases the upperbound on of the size of the heal and the size of the shield. The SimC's don't get to do too many minimum healing shields.

I also suspect that having a certain amount of mastery is also required for the Haste build I propose to work. I guess I could try and simulate where that point lies.

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