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Posted 01 July 2013 - 11:10 PM

Post: Blood Tanking - Actively Mitigating since before it was cool
User: Raegwyn
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Original Post:

very interesting haste vs dodge/parry discussion.

since im a long time raidtank i can just say i always prefered haste over dodge/parry. not only it gives you more control as tyvi mentioned what is a very important point. it also synergizes perfectly with stamina and mastery, while avoidance makes those stats worse. + haste gives you some DPS increase what matters pretty often in progression times

the more you avoid the less you gain out of your mastery since your DS will heal much less after avoids. if you play as hardcore DS timer you would love to have 0% avoidance so you can time every DS perfectly.
There is nothing that is more annoying than when want to let yourself drop with lets say 3 hits to 10-30% to use 2 DS right after and then avoid the 2nd hit sitting at 70% or something. sadly this can always happen regardless how you prioritize avoidance.

anyway we dont ever get to high avoidance values whats also a very important point to remember.
avoidance gets better the more you have (DR is another discussion though). you can clearly see that at monks with elusive brew up right now and you also saw that at tankrogues back in BC.
if you have 0% avoidance and gain 1% you get 1% less dmg
if you have 50% avoidance and gain 1% you get 2% less dmg
if you have 90% avoidance and gain 1% you get 10% less dmg.
if you have 95% avoidance and gain 1% you get 20% less dmg.
so as you can see avoidance only gets efficent at high values which we cant reach regardless if we go for it or not. the only point we reach values were avoidance makes a significant difference is when we use DRW.
if we would have some very short avoidance CD like druids or monks it would be worth a thought but as long as we stay below ~45% avoidance i personally wont even think about prioritizing it over haste.

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