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Warning for Incalcando: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 10:13 PM

Post: [Prot] 5.3 - Same Man I was Before
User: Incalcando
Infraction: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

The last part of your post was unnecessary and a tad accusatory. We all have complaints about our classes and things we like or dislike but this forum is not the appropriate place for such thoughts.

Original Post:

The goal is not to suddenly make Avoidance super interesting, but merely a band-aid to make us appreciate the Avoidance that we happen to have on our gear a little more than we did before. We're in the middle of the expansion, so they're not going to overhaul our game mechanics, just applying minor changes here and there. This change is going to bump Avoidance up slightly.

It's likely that 6.0 will have a major overhaul on tanks and the avoidance stats.

I didn't say they are trying to make avoidance super interesting or that they are trying to change the way we prioritize stats. As you said this change bumps avoidance up slightly, but also drops haste value slightly too, hence it's basically a minor haste nerf paired with a minor avoidance buff.

My point was, at this stage that we are, anything that takes stuff away from haste to put into avoidance is a move I will dislike.

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