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SP Rogue - I had a Thunderfury and Flask of Supreme Power

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#1 Kurisu


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Posted 24 August 2013 - 07:50 PM

I've been tweeting a lot about my Spell Power Rogue deck and people have grown a bit curious about what this is and what I've been playing.

The deck revolves heavily around using Spell Power cards to make your rogue spells that much more efficient. There is a Mage and Druid version of the deck but I haven't played them.

Low level Core
Kobold Geomancer
Ogre Magi
Dalaran Mage
Azure Drake
Cold Blood
Unlocked Cards from Rogue

Good substitutes for filler
Perdition's Blade - Good removal.
Defias Ringleader
Betrayal (Replace with Fan of Knives when you get it!)
Knife Juggler - Strong card in general, good removal bait!

Long term Core
Gadgetzan Auctioneer

Now that being said I DO NOT have these three cards and still play this deck to a high level of success.

This is my current build to give you an idea what it looks like:

Posted Image

Normall cards that wouldn't be here are Perdition's Blade as weapons don't do much in this deck and Knife Juggler (I know shocking!). I would also have one Geomancer removed since I have Bloodmage but that's just because I got lucky with him. Due to how Headcrack works you'll be comboing very heavily and with sizable card draw from Shiv, Fan of Knives, Azure, and Auctioneer you will be drawing into what you need the majority of the time.

Cards affected by Spell Power in the deck:
Sinister Strike
Fan of Knives

Please take a look over those cards. You're making very low cost spells even more efficient with spell power and this allows you to combo further with:

Combo Cards
Cold Blood
SI:7 Agent

It is very common for me to clear the board using combos with SI:7 or Fan of Knives that can hit for 2 or 3 damage. The deck can create gigantic momentum shifts due to this while also going straight into the offensive with Cold Blood's +4 damage on a spell power creature and then Eviserating for 5-8.

A fun thing as well about this deck is because I'm able to play the board and my abilities are so cheap I can almost use my Hero Power on a consistent basis once we get further in but I think this is more related to me not having Auctioneers.

I think this covers most of the related stuff for this deck.

Q: Won't this get nerfed!?

Honestly, I'm not sure how they could do such if they even went about it. Spell Power is highly flexible as a stat and the only way to nerf it is to prevent it being used on certain cards and that makes the game more complex than it needs to be or higher than I think they want to be. The game hasn't really settled on a meta so I'm not going to say this is Tier 1 strength but I think you'll always see a Spell Power deck high in contention of being good.

I think Headcrack will get nerfed at some point but aside from that I don't think it's that out of bounds of what decks might be able to do once people figure the game out more.

#2 Moshne


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Posted 25 August 2013 - 08:19 PM

I've been testing this build a bit. I don't really think it is getting nerfed, as it is very easy to disrupt. Plays very much like a MTG Burn deck.

Some notes: I also got lucky on a Legendary. I have Van Cleef. That is a total house in this deck. I also have two Auctioneers, so I raised the curve a bit.

I might try and take some of the pure aggression out of it and toss in an efficient Taunt creature or two. Perhaps dropping 3 Spell Powers for two taunts and Ancient Mage (4 mana, Gives adjacent characters spell power) could help? (edit: I tried this, and interestingly, Ancient Mage's given Spell Power stacks with Spell Power already on a craeture, so it can have two instances of it. Very strong, and makes him better than Ogre Mage in almost every situation.)

Also, I'm not sure how much I like Cold Blood. When you have a creature that actually sticks it is very strong, but as you rarely have more than one creature down at once, your creatures tend to eat removal or trade. Perhaps some of the higher cost rogue utility could take their place? (Maybe Vanish?)

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