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Posted 15 September 2013 - 04:17 PM

Post: [Resto] Mists of Pandaria 5.4
User: Jerymyas
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my name is Jerymyas, from the german "Der Rat von Dalaran", RP Server.

I have a question about the choice between the 3043 and the 13163 breakpoints.

It is important to note when you are gearing for breakpoints that you should select one and gear accordingly - you will want to be at either 3043 or 13163. If you cannot reach your selected breakpoint, do not continue to gear haste that will leave you in between break points. Simply reforge your gear appropriately until you are capable of reaching the next benchmark.

I know the actual discussion (obviously not everything) about druid breakpoints, but i dont get the point, why i should not try, for exampel, reach the 12458 (+3 Wildgrowth) or the 12834 (+6 Lifebloom) breakpoint.

The 13163 breakpoint is out of my gear (ilv 537), i can only reach it, with a massiv loss of other stats. But a lower bp is more or less no problem for me. More haste, in my opinion, means more procs and ticks and thats the point i don´t understand - why should i leave that benefit? I don´t need 16K spirit, my first choice in healing is Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, Lifebloom ect. - all that casts benefits from higher bp´s.

Is the choice between these two extrem breakpoint based on simcrafting, max harmony vs. max haste, and the ratio for haste is only getting better, until you can reach the 13163 bp?

Thanks for answering my question,
greetings from germany,


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Posted 16 September 2013 - 04:22 PM

This infraction has been reversed.


He send me a polite pm and he fixed his post.

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