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Warning for Ultimá: Multiple violations.

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Posted 16 September 2013 - 10:22 PM

Post: Unholy DPS 5.4 - The Fun has been Doubled!
User: Ultimá
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Original Post:

First off my BB wont reapply my dots since i dont use RB as a tier 1 talent(i use unholy blight).I have killed 12 bosses so far in Soo and i am been able to keep dots up on 8 of the fights. in fights like protectors,spoils, and paragons obviously im not going be able to do this but i am still going to open up with max dots on all available to targets and then pestilence whenever my dot cleave wears off or i get more trinket/fallen crusader procs. When mendebarr said that festerblight was not viable it because when you use festering strike over scourge strikes you lose dps and that with the new strength proc trinkets this loss was not worth the gain(of keeping up these Dots with festering strike). What i am trying to say is instead of using 2 strength trinkets to festerblight one could potentially use bloody talisman and another strength trinket to keep up Dots that are a little weaker(then using double str proc trinkets) but are constantly critting.

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