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[Feature Request] Three Customization Options

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#1 Addesso


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Posted 28 September 2013 - 11:35 PM

Hey all!

Had a few ideas come to me recently as I started playing on a disc priest.

1) Ability to turn off which alarms fly into the middle of the screen.

Some abilities are great for this, but some I really don't need a greater emphasis on. And when they all overlap, then I have 5-6 bars blocking my view in the middle of the screen. When I DPS, this is fine as I just turn off the timers I don't want. But as heals, there are many boss abilities I have to track for various cds and preemptive heals.

2) Ability to custom color certain alarms.

When all the alarms are ticking away to the side, it's sometimes hard to tell them all apart. Yes they do have text, but it's sometimes difficult to focus on reading them in the middle of the fight. For really important alarms, it would be nice just to custom color it. So like a very damaging raid-wide ability might be green. I can easily glance over and check the length of the green bar and know when to start getting ready for it.

3) Ability to customize at what time a bar flies in.

Spells like Spirit Shell I have the ability to wind up for 10 seconds before the damage hits. But the fly in happens at 7s. So usually I'm keeping an eye on the bar till it hits about 12 seconds. While keeping track of health bars and keeping feet out of fire. If I could set that one bar to fly in at 12 seconds, I'd be a happy healer.

Just some suggestions! Thanks for your consideration!

#2 MysticalOS


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Posted 29 September 2013 - 01:48 AM

Number 3 is already supported but no GUI yet. It's probably about time we add that GUI though.

1 and 2 a little more tricky.

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