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Posted 18 October 2013 - 09:39 PM

Post: Like Water - The Brewmaster's Resource [10/7/13]
User: Runeheal
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Original Post:

Hi there, I was just checking the thread out, first time posting on EJ, though I have lurked it on and off since wrath, and I was slightly confused why you say Pandaren is subpar to Orc.

Is this because you personally use Staves / Polearms? As a personal preference, I much prefer dual wielding, and this tier, Softfoot's Last Resort is probably the best option, unless the hit is wasted on you, in which case Korven's Crimson Crescent[/URL] is better.

KCC is an axe, and SLR is a fist weapon. Both of these benefit an orc's axe specialization, giving 1% (340) expertise

(note: I macro Blood Fury and springs because 1. I'm lazy and 2. vengeance provides a bigger ap gain and I'd rather focus on managing other things than perfecting my +4000 ap buffs to the optimum)

Blood Fury provides 4514 melee attack power and 2257 spell power for 15 seconds on a 2 minute cooldown
4514/8 = 564.25
2257/8= 282.125

Now, I'm not sure if the spellpower benefits our selfhealing or anything, and I'd hazard a guess to say it probably doesn't.

When used with guards, chi waves/burst, or keg smash, the value of the orc racial is increased.

In short
564.25 Attack power
340 Expertise

600 attack power (lost on death)
0.238% Crit (142.9 crit rating from 300 agi)

Lastly, just to add, the orc 15% stun reduction racial is better than the bouncy racial. There are quite a few stuns this tier, and barely any damage taken from fall damage. The only boss fight that I think that actually has fall damage is the 7% of your hp you take doing Spoils of Pandaria, and the damage you take from getting hit by Death From Above on Siegecrafter Blackfuse. Don't ask me how I found out

Personally, I think that Blood Fury's attack power is just as powerful as the AP gain from Epicurean, since deaths cause you to lose your benefit, and the orc racial, while being slightly less overall AP, gives more burst which is more helpful.

The crit gained from being an orc (reforging my gear's excess expertise to crit) outweighs pandaren's buff

One more thing to consider is for fights that are 2 minutes and 15 seconds / 4 minutes 15 seconds / 6 minutes 15 seconds (Ie you get multiple full uses of blood fury) the orc racial also comes out on top.
Short example, 2 minute 15 second boss fight, blood fury used twice for 9028 attack power.
9028/135*15 = 1003.11 AP
Pandaren AP = 600

Lastly, and I know this has been a lengthy post (Sorry!) but I have a question about a scenario that's been bugging me for a while.

Now, just to detach this from my previous point, I will use the example of a [B]Human
Brewmaster Monk

Human Brewmaster Monk has a Heroic Seismic Bore (Iron Juggernaut Crit/Haste Mace) and benefits from Mace Specialization. He has had bad luck however, and has a normal mode Seismic Bore as his offhand.

Human Brewmaster Monk kills Heroic Protectors, and gets a Heroic Softfoot's Last Resort (Hit/Crit Fist Weapon). [I]What a lucky bastard.

Human Brewmaster Monk had balanced his reforging around his Mace Specialization, and his stats look like this with his *new* FIST WEAPON Offhand.

Main / Off

Now, given that the reason that we hardcap expertise is to not have keg smash parried (since it doesnt generate chi abloobloo etc) and keg smash is based off main hand damage, would Mr Human Brewmaster Monk need to bother with hardcapping expertise for his offhand, or not bother and put stats into crit/mastery?

Orc with dual wield axes/fists vs Panda
340exp 560ap from BF vs 300 agi (600 ap 143 crit)

Do monks need to cap offhand if they arent using a +1% exp racial bonus weapon in it.

Sorry for rambling, and sorry for not knowing how to link to items!

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