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Warlords of Draenor death knight discussion

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#1 Jessamy


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Posted 08 November 2013 - 10:45 PM

Rules will be enforced less strictly in this thread.  Hopefully people will be mature and contribute and I won't have to moderate here at all.  Things that are specifically allowed here but not elsewhere include wishlisting, armchair design, feelings and reactions, conjecture, and opinion.  Discussion is as always open to theorycrafting and game play, but things like art that are normally off topic are also included.


Posters still need to use clear and polite language.  And while the objective quality of post content won't be enforced here, posts still do have to have content.  "Here is how I feel about this feature, and why" is a good post.  "I am happy / sad / angry about this feature and am / am not going to resub because of it" is not a good post.


This thread will be locked at the end of the beta when the expansion goes live.  Have fun!

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 09:16 AM

I'll kick it off then.


The first thing that got me very interested is one of the new level 100 talents we chose, namely Necrotic Plague. I do have one question though:


Necrotic Plague is applied to enemy A. After three seconds it jumps to enemy B. Obviously, it will jump onward to enemy C after an additional 3 seconds. But what happens with the original plague on enemy A? Does it try to find an additional enemy after another three seconds?

#3 Tyvi


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Posted 10 November 2013 - 12:54 AM

The way I read it, it seems that jumping actually removes the original plague. So enemy A would not have NP up anymore and if you want NP to be up on more than one enemy, you'd have to apply it manually (it looks like it could have some cool interaction with Unholy Blight on AoE). Hopefully Crimson Scourge will also refresh it so that you only need to apply it once per mob for the duration of the encounter (and presumably NP will have a damage stack cap so it cannot grow indefinitely). So essentially we'd have


- Necrotic Plague for sustained multi target (i.e. Dark Protectors)

- Sindragosa's Breath for burst AoE (anything with adds that are short lived)

- Defile as an option inbetween


In my opinion, Defile looks like the weakest talent of them all and I can't think of a situation where I would want to use this over Death and Decay. The first issue I have with it is the fact it's limited duration of 10 seconds is conflicting with the increasing damage/growing part: Just when you got that big Defile going it already disappears (NP also has a ramping mechanic but it is neither dependent on adds being around nor does it have to ramp up again as long as you make sure it stays on - atleast going by it's current wording). The second issues is that the growing portion seems really kind of... pointless? If you think about it, how does your raid deal with adds you need to kill? Either they are tanked on top of the boss for cleave damage in which case DnD's normal range will cover it or they are tanked away from the boss (say, because they buff/heal him and/or each other if they are too close) but either way they will still be tanked in a spot no bigger than what DnD should be able to cover.

I have a few ideas to make it more compelling though: For starters, remove the resource cost on it and maybe extend the duration to 15-20 secs. Additionally, what if Defile could also infect every target it hits with Frost Fever and Blood Plague? Would make it pretty handy for snap aggro. And to make use of Defile's stacking damage, what if Defile would leave a debuff on every affected target that increases damage taken by Howling Blast/Blood Boil for the next x seconds after it ran it's course (how much of a damage increase it would get would be determined on growth size)?


Necrotic Plague as mentioned above is something I could see us picking up for anything with long lived adds/bosses so it definitely has it's niche.


Sindragosa's Breath on the other hand is actually something I wanted for a while: A way to directly convert Runic Power into AoE damage. Especially with the current Scent of Blood and AMS soaking, there are times when you just have so much RP that you can't dump it fast enough. Plus, even using it for 1-2 secs at a time should be great for burst threat just when you run into a new pack and I could also see this talent be useful for single target fights depending on how our RP generation will look in WoD and how it compares to NP number wise. It would also be really cool if SB would snare targets it hits as well (with or without Chilblains talented, either would work for me).

(And hey, maybe we can petition Sindragosa's Breath and Remorseless Winter to swap names so the tier actually has a full Lich King theme. :V)


So much for the positive stuff, now the negatives:


Sindragosa's Breath highlights the one big problem with our Tier 75 talents: Runic Power expenditure is not equal. Only two RP consuming abilities have a chance to proc Blood Tap (and co) which makes it really awkward and unfun for Blood to use abilities that are not Rune Strike or Death Coil because you are losing out on additional Death Strikes. So hopefully come WoD we will get a pass on how RP consuming abilities work with our T75 so that everything that consumes 30/40 RP actually gives us a Blood Tap charge (look no further than Brewmaster Monks to see that it is possible to ensure that damage dealing, energy using talents do not have to screw over your mitigation, for example old Rushing Jade Wind). This is less of an issue for DPS DKs because they will just math out at how many mobs SB will do more damage than Death Coil/Frost plus the Rune abilities you could have used with more Blood Tap charges though all specs have to deal with the double whammy that is Conversion until this is fixed.


And this brings me to my other issue I have with tier 100: They are all (AoE) DPS talents. Admittedly the theme is cool and the issue is probably less with the talents but with the fact that every other tank gains a new tanking cooldown or passive except for Warriors (which gain a pretty cool way to convert survival into damage though). Do I begrudge them getting CDs? No, CDs are cool and fun and herein lies the issue: DKs are supposedly the CD tanks which I enjoyed about them. In return our baseline mitigation is the worst of all tanks which is only fair. After all, you should have your strengths (CDs) and weaknesses (baseline mitigation). But for a while now other tanks are getting more and more CDs whereas DKs pretty much kept what they had Cataclysm so what made DKs unique is becoming less and less so. Note that is not about tank effectiveness or balance because you could just ramp up baseline mitigation if DKs fell behind and such; no, my beef is with how the spec plays and feels compared to the others. But who knows, we haven't seen the new baseline abilities yet so maybe there is something in store for us but I can only comment on what has been released so far after all.


And finally, I was hoping to drop some keybinds and superfluous abilities come WoD but looking at the updated talents it still looks like Blood will have two diseases where one would completely suffice, Pestilence where baseline Roiling Blood would work just as well and so on. AMZ is also still there as talent so that sucks as well.


Maybe there still more changes incoming though, we'll just have wait and see.

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#4 Otou


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Posted 11 November 2013 - 02:18 AM

All of the level 100 talents look great thematically, but I'd agree that there is something weird going on with the practical application and the implied numbers (which are probably wrong of course).


A big part of it could be that we don't know what the difference between Blood Plague and Necrotic Plague damage would be. Or what 100 damage and 2000 damage even stand for in Warlords of Draenor. It's really hard to believe Blood Plague would deal the same damage as 1 stack of Necrotic Plague. Maybe we need 5/10 stacks to match Blood Plague damage?


And 2k Cindy Breaths, seems a bit dangerous for Blood. At 15 runic power a second, a Blood DK could AoE tank with full up time, thanks to Scent of Blood.


Defile would just need  to be a considerable increase in damage compared to Death and Decay. There are plenty of add packs that last around 15 seconds, and spawn every 30. Although an increased duration would be nice. 





Cindy's Breath seems like an outlier though. Periodic runic power consumption, during AoE, doesn't mean much for Blood. Scent of Blood  is a perfect counter for it. Since it has a cool down anyway, 60 runic power for 4 ticks would probably be safe for all specs. I'd rather not see it get Conversion's treatment, where bonus runic power is gone for it's duration.


It's also a little concerning that Necrotic Plague and Defile aren't marked as shadowfrost damage. Assuming dps mastery stays the same, Frost could get forced into Cindy's Breath

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Posted 11 November 2013 - 12:31 PM

I think Defile could be a strong talent, combined with glyphs; eg Glyph of Death and Decay. Since it's an upgrade from DnD this should probably still work and would be great for bosses like Kor'kron dark shaman(SoO) on slimes. But i guess Cindy's Breath also would have been a good choice for fights like that. I apologize for my bad English.

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Posted 12 November 2013 - 04:51 AM

    • Necrotic Plague
      • Passive
      • A powerful disease that deals 100 damage per stack every 3 sec for 30 sec. Each time it deals damage, it gains 1 stack, and jumps to another nearby enemy if possible. Cannot be spread by Pestilence.
      • Replaces Blood Plague.
    • Defile
      • 1 Unholy, 30 yd range
      • Instant, 30 sec cooldown
      • Defiles the ground targeted by the Death Knight, causing 100 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 10 sec. Each time Defile deals damage, it increases in area and damage by 5%. This growth can occur a maximum of 3 times per second.
      • Replaces Death and Decay.
    • Breath of Sindragosa
      • 15 Runic Power, plus 15 per sec
      • Instant, 1 min cooldown
      • Continuously deals 2000 Shadowfrost damage every 1 sec to enemies in a cone in front of you. This effect lasts until canceled or Runic Power is exhausted.


So doing some quick math:


Necrotic Plague: ticks every 3 seconds, doing 100dmg per stack and adding 1 stack. So at 3 seconds it will deal 100 dmg, 6 seconds 200 dmg, 9 seconds 300 dmg, etc... up to 1000 dmg at 30 seconds for a total of 5500 dmg. The big question here is what refreshing the disease duration does to stack size. I could see one of two things happening.


1) Stack size remains, but has a cap of 10 stacks and continues ticking at 1000dmg every 3 sec. (Has to be capped, If not would be a 100 fold increase by the end of a 5 min boss fight, i.e. a 1k tick would be 100k)

2) The stack size resets, meaning you wait for it to fall off before refreshing.


Number one seems a bit overpowered, as it results in one of your diseases ticking with a 10 fold increase in dmg and has no limit on the number of targets it can affect. IF number two is true though, hopefully the base dmg for blood plague is also 100 dmg, making this a DPS gain after just 1 tick.


Defile: deals 100 dmg every seconds, but can increase in dmg 5% up to 3 times per second. This talent will depend on how it applies the 5% increase. If based off the base dmg of the ability then it would look like 100 dmg at 1 sec, 115 dmg at 2 sec, 130dmg at 3 sec. This would result in a total of about 1675 dmg. Assuming an increase in current dmg, not base dmg, after 1 sec 100 dmg, 2 sec 116, 3 sec 134, etc.. up to 373dmg on the 10th tick. This is a total of 2107 dmg for the 10 seconds. In addition the growing size of the defile adds more ground clutter to the graphics and may cause aggro on adds spawning you dont want.


Breath of Sindragosa: 2000 dmg per second, consuming RP, 1 min CD.




Looking at the 3 talents, it will depend on how much dmg the baseline abilities they replace do, how much dmg is lost from RP use, and how well they scale. However, with the current numbers BoS looks like a HUGE burst talent. dealing PER SEC what defile will do over 10 sec with maximum increases in dmg, and in 3 sec doing more than what NP will do over 30. Obviously this is still early on, so we will have to wait and see.

#7 Tyvi


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 05:17 AM

You really can't compare numbers yet since they are either place holders or numbers without any AP scaling in effect (or both). What is more useful is to discuss how they deliver the damage and instead of how much, I*d say.

#8 Haakkon


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 05:50 AM

Talked with the devs at Blizzcon and a few bits of information:


  • Necrotic Plague stacks are always seperate, they never combine. So it will tick at 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 then fall off
  • A mob can have multiple instances of Necrotic Plague on it at once
  • Festering Strike in no way interacts with Necrotic Plague. So it will never get exteneded beyond 30s
  • ATM Unholy Blight applies Necrotic Plague, it will continue to do so unless it's overpowered
  • I got the impression that Necrotic Plague just dies with a mob that dies but needs clarification

#9 Floscodk


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Posted 15 November 2013 - 07:56 PM

I have a few questions about lvl 100 talents as unholy.....in general if we Plague Strike both bosses on dark shaman for instance does each application jump between both bosses meaning 2x 10NP stacks on each? and what if we PSed to refresh NP? would that be a dps loss? Final question would be if we apply NP to 1 target and it bounces to a different target would we also lose DPS on the current target with SS not having the full bonus from double diseases?


Breath seems good for burst aoe dps but it wouldnt be best for single target would it since it would destroy our RP super fast meaning no coils for rune procs?


Defile really only seems good for pvp if you root someone in it since with it growing it will take more time to run out of it....for pve it might be good if it stacks with DnD for high add fights like Galakras starting adds?

#10 thôx


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Posted 16 November 2013 - 07:19 AM

i guess we just have to wait and see.


for the plague. haakkon told us that there can be multiple instances on the mob....hmmm cant stop thinking about putting multiple on one mob with a glyphed outbreak as a tank^^....dont know why ;)

the next thing i am looking forward to is wether you can reset/refresh it as a tank via rolling blood, though i dont think so as festering strike, as said, will not increase the duration of it....but it would be nice


the breath sounds cool with ams in the back...apart from dps i see no real purpose for it as a tank but....nja well^^

for dps dks though its shadow-frost-dmg it seems to interact nicely with both masteries:)


defile....hmm could be cool on bosses like the shaman heroic for the adds...

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#11 Floscodk


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Posted 16 November 2013 - 10:35 AM

yeah but if there is multiple NPs on a single mob then it would be too OP to spam PS and stack NP all day....or is it something complex like mob A ends with a 10stack, 5stack, 7stack, 3stack and another 7stack from NP bouncing around 5 mobs? Or would each bounce, if it leaves a stack on the mob, pulsate damage every 3s and gain stacks by itself so it would really be 5x 10stacks on each mob all doing max damage?


its a nice idea and would be nicer for unholy if the mastery made it stronger too and judging from other classes lvl 100 talents DK seems the weakest, all other classes have 1 super OP talent 1 omgwtflookatmydps talent and 1 OP tank talent(look at warriors and monks for example) but DK have complex NP which may or may not interact with SS and may just end up being weird or super broken OP, defile is like uhm we have DnD already whats defile for? and breath is for blood dps :o

If once the ptr comes out and the numbers get buffed a little from these tooltips then breath would be nerfed cause of people getting full RP casting breath spam runes empower spam more runes could easily get it to last 20+seconds.....


I'd prefer to get a talent like BrM do with being able to stagger magic damage, like blood shield absorbs magic damage too, but sadly we are bottom of the tanking ladder atm and with other classes talents it seems like bottom is where we will stay.....

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 05:48 PM

If a mob can have multiple instances of Necrotic it seems like in a Protectors style fight that just chain rolling plagues onto the bosses would be a very efficient way to dps, I'm guessing the execute time/dps on it will be pretty attractive. Also in a single target fight being able to time your ticks of Necrotic with your needing to grab aggro seems like a good way to both utilize DPS and snap aggro to you with ease. 


I'm really excited about the potential for a great looking spell effect on the breath. I also think it might be a great way for blood to keep sustained AoE aggro which is something we lose out to other tanks fairly regularly. 


I have to say I'm interested to see if they change Bloods mitigation this xpac. It seems like they're very interested in tanks lately and how to make them more engaging to play, anyone have thoughts/read something I haven't?

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#13 thôx


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Posted 23 November 2013 - 02:03 PM

Hmm i think it will stack with the unholy mastery cause it replaces blood plague...it will be nice to see......muhahahahaha ;).

for tanking...i think we might be able to have some of them rolling in counsil fights, though we have to apply them each time beause of the no-go with pestillence.


yeah well the other 100 talents from other classes sound pretty awesome so i guess we should start whining know to make bliz think it over or change our 100 talents to something usefull too (this is sarcasm people, propper communication is always better:)).


or they might end up changing the lvl 90 bonuses to something more usefull other than wannabee crowdcontrol.


and what i dont get is the lost of ae tps against other tanking classes. ok monks are bitches in that way but putting in the right glyphs can do the trick.


and yeah the breath sounds nice but the only point where i think we will be able to use it is with magic aoe dmg and ams up otherwhise i can think of better ways to spend my runic power

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#14 IcedCoffee


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Posted 25 November 2013 - 03:37 PM

I'm sad to say I think these talents are lacking at the moment. I love the LK theme, but most still sound too much like boss mechanics and not enough like player abilities.


Defile strikes me as pretty terrible. The increasing range is probably always worthless, and I shudder to think of the spell effects. The whole point of defile was that you didn't want it to cover the screen, and now that's going to be the norm? No thanks.


Necrotic plague might be useful for tanks, but as a dps I dislike the idea of not having control over what target I'm hitting. I would like this talent a lot more if they incorporated an ability like plague siphon (also from LK) so our dps goes up each time the disease bounces. This way we still have some control over where our dps is focused. 


I like Breath of Syndragosa. RP dump for AOE is nice, and something we've been missing.


My proposed replacement for Defile would be a redesigned Empower Rune Weapon. I never liked this ability, and currently rarely use it. Actually having this ability incorporate Runeforges would be cool, similar to Shaman and their lvl 90 talent (forgot the name.) Temporary health/parry boost for swordshattering; summon (or become) a fallen crusader for FC, etc.



-Defile is bad, please replace.

-Add Plague Syphon to Necrotic Plague

-Redesign ERW.

#15 Uspoonybard


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Posted 26 November 2013 - 03:51 PM

I'm sad to say I think these talents are lacking at the moment. I love the LK theme, but most still sound too much like boss mechanics and not enough like player abilities.
Defile strikes me as pretty terrible. The increasing range is probably always worthless, and I shudder to think of the spell effects. The whole point of defile was that you didn't want it to cover the screen, and now that's going to be the norm? No thanks.
Necrotic plague might be useful for tanks, but as a dps I dislike the idea of not having control over what target I'm hitting. I would like this talent a lot more if they incorporated an ability like plague siphon (also from LK) so our dps goes up each time the disease bounces. This way we still have some control over where our dps is focused. 
I like Breath of Syndragosa. RP dump for AOE is nice, and something we've been missing.
My proposed replacement for Defile would be a redesigned Empower Rune Weapon. I never liked this ability, and currently rarely use it. Actually having this ability incorporate Runeforges would be cool, similar to Shaman and their lvl 90 talent (forgot the name.) Temporary health/parry boost for swordshattering; summon (or become) a fallen crusader for FC, etc.
-Defile is bad, please replace.
-Add Plague Syphon to Necrotic Plague
-Redesign ERW.

I don't think a change for ERW I needed, I use it every pull for some sort of boost and I would say that most do as well. Though I agree some changes to defile would be nice. Maybe the duration refreshes after every increase in size up until max size. So that way like on H immerseus you drop defile initially with some adds it gets to a moderate size and more come out, then you have the extra area to damage/snapaggro them as they start to spawn and you get the duration extension people are talking about, though I think it still would need a bump. Could also introduce a glyph like regen magic that if the size doesn't increase or whatnot then the cooldown is reduced for x amount of time. I also don't like the idea of the huge spell effect though, could definitely cause some computers to have issues and annoyance in raid awareness.

#16 Charybdis


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Posted 27 November 2013 - 10:54 PM

With the new stat additions, what do people think might happen to DKs?


Regarding haste maybe being useful to Blood, Scent of Blood could very well stay in place but maybe not work on avoids since that would lessen haste's value if we can GCD cap like right now.  Likewise, if they want it to remain useful to frost and unholy then they need to make sure we can't GCD cap there either.


Unless heals or absorbs can crit or we have some useful proc on crits (a la monk's Elusive Brew) to boost survivability or resource generation, crit's going to be useless as a survivability stat.  If there is something akin to Elusive Brew then it would likely boost parry instead of dodge.  Damage of course is another matter and I don't expect crit's value there to go anywhere, although Rime might be tweaked in order to boost or nerf crit.


Mastery will of course have a place for every spec, but it might get changed for all DKs.  Blood's could get redone because Vengeance is being reworked to boost defensive abilities and not Attack Power, so in order to benefit from that Blood Shield would likely need to be tweaked.  As far as frost and unholy go, the masteries are boring but still useful.  Them being boring could be enough of a reason to change them.


Celestalon clarified what multistrike was on twitter.  Unless it can generate extra resources for Blood like through SoB or it can boost healing or absorbs then it's going to be useless for tanking.  DPS will always get some use from it, but it'll be interesting to see if they allow diseases to work with it.


Amplify is the same boost as on Thok's Tail Tip, but in addition to what's there it'll boost multistrike damage like crit instead of just boosting a stat directly a la haste or mastery.  Alas, if blood can't benefit from extra damage, healing, or absorption with crit or multistrike then amp will only really affect haste, mastery, and readiness.


Readiness is the same CD reduction as the Evil Eye of Galakras and Vial of Living Corruption.  It's quite potent depending on the abilities it reduces the CD of, but the difference between the Eye and the Vial in terms of percents makes me curious if they'll be able to balance it between DPS and tanking as well as between specs and classes in general.  Will fights be balanced around having a certain CD reduction?  Will we start coming up with breakpoints based on the fight?  If it affects AMS, will the effect be enough to GCD cap us again?

#17 Qaajn


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Posted 02 February 2014 - 03:48 AM

This post will be about blood, as it is the spec I'm most familiar with and feel more strongly about. Recently I've also been thinking about how we could move on into Warlords with all the changes comming and how to address our problems.


The main problems for us right now as I see them, are our negligible survivability scaling with damage stats, and how our survivability so massively depends on the damage you take. I will talk about the survivability problems first, as the changing of those ultimately will lead to changes in how we scale with damage stats.
Survivability. The minimum sized death strike heal need to go. This is what allow us to be completely self sufficient in low damage situations, but the closer we get to 20% of the damage we take exceeding 7% our maximum health, the worse we are of. That the heal depends on the actual health lost just further inflates this issue. While some self sufficiency is expected and arguable required, we are completely self sustained to moderate damage. After that, our self healing does not increase -at all- until much higher damage. And then it's still only 20% of what we took after blood shield. There are some maths and related discussions in the spoiler if you're interested.


Enough problems, let's talk about ideas and solutions! Let's add the change I've mentioned:

Death Strike - Heals you for X% of the damage you have sustained from non-player sources during the preceding 5 sec.

With the removal of minimum death strike heal, there would have to be something to offset this. Let's call it:

Blood-Caked Blade (passive) - All physical (?) damage dealt by you also heals you for Y% of the damage done.

The name is of course a legacy of an old blood talent, which I find fitting. The intent of this is to bring back a "static" component to our survivability, while letting DS scale dynamically with the damage we take. Perhaps magical damage could be included, but I feel that disease cleaving might become too good then. Not only would this provide a more static portion to our survivability, but it would also allow us to pick damage stats to increase our survivability. Thought it doesn't scale with mastery. Yet:

Mastery: Efficiency - Increases the healing done by Death Strike and Blood-Caked Blade by Z%.

This is obviously to make both our main survivability tools scale with mastery. Though with the removal of minimum size blood shields, you can't prepare for incoming bursts of damage. Efficiency fits really well as a mastery that you increase, but at this point our blood shield have become pretty iconic and a big part of blood playstyle. But don't worry:

Blood Shield - Each time you overheal yourself in Blood Presence, you gain 100% of the amount overhealed as a Physical damage absorption shield.

There may be preferable to just have Blood-Caked Blade and Death Strike add the shield, but I thought it would be interesting to be able to pre-shield yourself with Death Pact and Lichbane, or even Death Siphon.

That's the changes I've been thinking about for WoD. I think they would address most of the irregularities of our damage reduction abilities and also allow for easier tuning. With vengeance going all towards defensive stats, it could be completely removed from us. I'd actually like that, fitting it onto our model wouldn't serve a real purpose.

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#18 dardack


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 04:13 PM

I'm kinda meh about the 100 teir talents.  Defiles seems bad, I mean as dps would you really want it to expand to something you haven't pulled yet.  And on a boss 10 seconds worth to replace DnD doesn't seem worth it.


NP looks interesting, will have to wait for real world tests to see how it works.  Falls off, multiple stacks, refresh, etc etc.


BoS during a phase taking spell damage to soak with AMS looks very interesting.  I doubt it will replace FS for main Runic Dump as DW Frost player, but it could be nice burst when you know spell damage is incoming.

My question is before we get gear with readiness, will Evil Eye of Galakras actually be better then other trinkets just for reduced CD on Pillar/AMS/Army/etc.  Ams reduced with Glyphs and Evil Eye is awesome for soaking on certain fights, pillar shorter CD, etc.  I guess we'll have to wait and see the trinkets coming and how often you'll see gear with readiness on it.

#19 Gathom


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Posted 27 February 2014 - 07:55 PM

Celestalon tweeted more on the 100 talents.


Breath of Sindragosa leaves a debuff on the target that 5% of all magic damage the target does heals the death knight.


Necrotic Plague replaces both diseases and is applied by anything that applies either disease.  Additoinal applications add a stack, not any more duration with a cap of 15 stacks. Every tick also adds a stack and "Spreads" itself to all nearby targets that have less stacks.  Unholy can extend druation/stacks with festering strike. Any target that has NP that attacks you causes you to gain 5 Runic Power.

Targets standing in defile deal 10% less damage to the DK, and they are concerned on the graphic will be too cluttered and likely won't mimic the defile from the LK encounter.


First impressions from blood perspective:


Sindy breath still seems a bit lackluster barring consistent pulsing raid-wide AoE fights, in which it's healing might be useful. In such a situation it may provide quite a bit of healing.


Necrotic Plague seems interesting for anything with multiple targets. I imagine there will be an ICD on the RP gain to prevent us from AoE tanking to infinite RP 24/7.  I imagine the intent is for a solid consistent AoE dps increase and a steady flow of RP might be amazing for dungeons/trash/add-heavy encounters.


Defile would prove to be another dps gain especially in AoE situations, a flat 10% damage dealt reduction seems like it might be the go-to talent for blood.  If the duration/CD of DnD isn't changed by taking defile, a flat 10% damage reduction with a 33% up-time sounds solid.


While I'm not blown away mechanically by defile or breath, NP might prove interesting to play with and defile at least seems like a nice flat damage reduction option for blood.  


PS: Also a blog post coming at 6 PST that will lack specific class changes, but will have generalized class changes. I will try to update this post with any more relevant information.

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Posted 20 March 2014 - 09:18 PM


Blood-Caked Blade (passive) - All physical (?) damage dealt by you also heals you for Y% of the damage done.

The name is of course a legacy of an old blood talent, which I find fitting.


Blood-Caked Blade or BCB was actually and old Unholy talent from WoTLK before it moved over to Blood.

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