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[Fixed] DBM-RaidleadTools

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Posted 24 November 2013 - 05:53 PM

Hi...as stated in the Thread under "General Discussions" the DBM-RaidLeadTools are not really working that well ;)


I got the SVN Repository for the Tools and there was missing a ")" near one "isInRaid()" check in the BidBot Lua...

After fixing that the BidBot was working again...well at least its core function of bidding...

The section where it should prevent someone from outside the raid to start a bid is still not working...

If i remember correctly bids below the set "minBid" should not be accepted...but they are regardless...


It seems that

...if DBM:GetRaidUnitId(author) == "none" then...

yields sth. else than "none" thus every code bit using that part is not working correctly (i guess!)...


The same with the StandbyBot...regardless if you are IN the raid or not...you'll always get the message that you have to leave the raid first...this part also relies on the postet code bit above...


It would be very nice if those tools were fixed because they are really really helpful :)


Thx in advance!

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