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No flying in 6.0

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#1 MysticalOS


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Posted 08 December 2013 - 01:29 AM

It lets you see the roads the artists took time to draw, and deal with mobs they took time to place. Take the super long way around some annoyingly placed cliff some dev wanted to torture you with. Makes the world feel bigger and drags the content a little too.

To me it feels less about the player and more about the devs work getting realized, at least for a little bit. I don't think they appreciate us flying in straight lines between point A and B and half the work they put into the ground art and landscaping being ignored. MoP and even wrath restricted flying until max level, but that still kept you from seeing a lot of the work in the zones because you likely didn't need to do ALL of them to hit 80 or 90. Although, trying to rationalize other reasons other then that seems silly to me. Far as I'm concerned, it's about the developer, not the player. On player end, it's poor story, annoying gameplay regression, and makes being max level less rewarding (especially for realm first race. there is nothing awesomer than being first person on server that can fly and do all the cool things before everyone else can.)

I can even say, I do appreciate ground mounts and using em during leveling. I even have fond memories of a wow that had no flying mounts. However, I am not deluded to think for one second I want ground mounts to make a come back beyond leveling first character. Looking back at classic or early BC when people could not afford flying, is purely rose collared glasses. Push come to shove, i can promise you're going to see a lot of those that were FOR no flying until 6.1 being the complainers about not having it about 2-3 weeks in.

Mining and herbing is going to be miserable until 6.1. There are going to be a lot that just won't do it until they can fly, meaning the ones that do take time to do it, will gouge market. This will hurt raiders a lot, because we don't level gatherers first (we level our mains who choose legitimate raiding professions) so that's going to be fun. This will, only going to increase the pressure to level a second char even sooner to gather yourself while the gouging is going on. So instead of grinding dailies for charms, we'll be grinding herbs for flasks so we don't have to spend several thousand gold a week on them.

Although One question I'm posed with, if flying is going to be disabled for 2 months or whatever, will we actually be able to reach all areas via ground mount? Or are we going to have zones we pretty much can't do much in? (Could you imagine icecrown or storm peaks without flying? yeah, you would have gotten about 10% in and called it). I'm very doubtful of that but you never know.
I'm leaning toward zones taking a more BC approach. pretty much everything reachable by ground with maybe 2-3 special areas in entire continent that require flying (similar to ogrilla, skettis, etc).

#2 Magradon


    Glass Joe

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Posted 10 December 2013 - 02:41 PM

Aside from the obvious economical craziness that will happen, I don't like this idea. I need to fly! I'm no noob, Been playing for more than 5 years. Sometimes when I have nothing to do in the game (which happens a lot) I will just fly around and explore. All other games I have tried in the past, I haven't subscribed to because there was no flying mechanics.


I wouldn't be playing until I could fly again..

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#3 Monocle


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Posted 10 December 2013 - 03:21 PM

I am actually neutral on the no flying issue, as I have no strong opinion either way. 


There is one detail I hope Blizzard addresses.  It would be really nice if our Garrisons can have a flightpoint in them.  I really want to make my Garrison where I want to place it, and not feel like I have to put it in a certain area for convience.


One thing to keep in mind is for resources, we will also have our Garrisons, so there is an alternative right there to having to farm stuff in Draenor.


As for this is making things easier for the developers, that does seem to be a theme for a few things in we have heard about in WoD, unfortunately.

#4 Arxkanite



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Posted 12 December 2013 - 12:48 AM

I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, the game is much more PVP (on the correct realms) when everyone is grounded and the world feels so much bigger. On the other hand... I don't want to walk everywhere...

#5 Soulece


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Posted 18 December 2013 - 11:51 PM

WoW functioned just fine before flying mounts and even when flying mounts were in the game but few could afford them. I feel it will be good for everyone to step back and see the world again without flying. As flying mounts became more prevalent and cheaper, it really disconnected people from the world, which hurts your immersion and typically loss of immersion causes disinterest in a game. I think a lack of flying mounts for a month or two will be good for everyone and break the addiction to flying mounts.


Blizzard even said themselves that they regret adding flying mounts into the game and I agree with it for the most part. I think the thing about flying mounts that disconnected people from the world is most people (myself included) will just mount up, get high enough they won't bump into any mountains and then numlock auto fly long distances across the continent to our destination and then AFK, ignoring the world around us. You can't do that with ground mounts for obvious reasons.

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#6 Jannt


    Glass Joe

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 01:12 AM

I sway both ways on this.  I don't mind not having flying from 90-99.  I really don't.  It's been like that since flying released.  Sorry, you can't fly until you're max level.  I'm very much against being able to buy base flying at sixty now, because you miss out on all the pain and suffering you have to endure in Outlands with the trash spawns on the roads.  Also something I'd like to see make a comeback is the road not being a safezone.  That's why we have towns . . . with guards.


But back on topic at level 100 . . . I want to be able to fly.  There need to be areas where you can't reach without flying.  It keeps the max levels coming back to zones to do those dailies if you have to be able to fly to do that section of the zone.  I like it that way, and find it an enjoyable way to keep zones populated.

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#7 Immortally


    Glass Joe

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Posted 31 December 2013 - 03:45 PM

Being a player from the long lost world of vanilla I remember walking everywhere and the excitement getting a ground mount came with. Not to mention, even with all my flying abilities, I still enjoy running around on my skeletal warhorse or raptor. Thus, people complaining about not flying for a few levels seems a bit ridiculous to me. Also, I agree with a previous poster that flying mounts have created a disconnect between players and the environment. 

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#8 uglybluecat


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Posted 31 December 2013 - 04:47 PM

I recently decided that I wanted the loaned gryphon in K3, for which you need a lvl 77 char that doesn't have cold flying.


I very much enjoyed levelling through northrend on the ground! It took me back to when WOTLK first came out.


I thoroughly approve of not allowing flying in the latest areas until top level! It makes it more real and immersive!


It also allows challenges, such as fighting your way through an army to get to the leader, rather than just dropping down behind him.

#9 MysticalOS


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Posted 31 December 2013 - 09:02 PM

Well, it isn't just "until top level" though. It's for several weeks/months. that's a big difference. In BC, In Wrath and in MoP, you had to level on ground, but flew at max level. This change is not same thing at all. You are going to have to get to max level, and then run to dungeons on ground. Mine/Herb on the ground, travel to raids on the ground, etc. The old system worked fine.

#10 Exemplar


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Posted 16 January 2014 - 01:36 PM

You are going to have to get to max level, and then run to dungeons on ground. Mine/Herb on the ground, travel to raids on the ground, etc. The old system worked fine.

I have no issue with travel time in a game.  In fact, it should be a core function and much design should be based around it (location of major hubs, layout of said hubs, etc).


That said, Blizzard destroyed any possibility of this years ago.  Removing flying, even temporarily, will not un-destroy travel time.  You teleport directly to dungeons via LFD, directly to raids via LFR, directly to Arena and PvP via their matchmaking setups.  You respec, reglyph, and vendor anywhere (via Engineering bots or the relatively cheap Wrath vendor-mammoth).  Your abilities automatically upgrade when you level.


The only necessities for travel are A) during leveling (when you go from quest hub to quest hub, anyhow), A] to visit a bank/AH for reforge/regem/enchant (effectively only on dungeon/raid drops), C) visit a raid entrance for flexNormal mode or above.


50% of your listed "must travel" won't require it.  Dungeons (even pre-made) teleport, and LFR teleporting is half the raiding environment.


Are you going to see more folk in the world?  For the first few weeks as folks level (which Blizzard touts how much faster/easier it keeps becoming), sure.  In a few locations for resource gathering, sure (well, maybe, even all the way back to Vanilla the only time I recall regularly seeing others when I farmed resources was the Rich Thorium veins in Un'goro strictly due to paucity of spawn locations).  Otherwise, no.  Folks will do that quest hub in west nowhere (think Zouchin Village) once and never visit again.  Chance of seeing others there is quite low.


All in all I think the no-fly is just a negative PR issue.  It's not going to fix what's perceived as broken, but it's sure put some segment of players up in arms screaming.  Not that it will be camel-back-breaking-straw to very many.


As for developer vision - I really feel for the artists and level designers.  Folks barely look at the terrain.  We're too busy reading quest tracker synopses as we ride towards a map marker (because heaven forfend we actually read the quest text before clicking accept).  I'll freely admit while riding (ground or flying) is a prime time for me to chat with others, thus staring at chat box rather than world.  In theory this is great for the social aspect, too bad that I only talk to guild friends as everyone else in the world has become a single serving friend.

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#11 Teleros


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Posted 18 January 2014 - 02:40 PM

Agree with Exemplar on this issue. Given how long we've had flying for, this is really just a nuisance change from the POV of the players. I'm one of those people who does like simply admiring the work put into the various zones, but I suspect I'm in a small minority*. I don't think this change will have a big impact on subscription numbers, but it will be a nuisance. Maybe Blizz will balance it out with fewer mandatory rep grinding daily quests or something :P .



* Did anyone else watch that BlizzCon video about them making terrain for WoD and thinking "damn, I want to use those art tools"? Yeah, I like all the kind of world-building stuff.

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#12 MrBinary


    Glass Joe

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Posted 23 January 2014 - 07:21 PM

I'm a fairly neutral party when it comes to the whole idea of flying mounts, but I do enjoy your purposed idea of a more BC-like area design in regards to certain flying mount areas. 


Being on a PvP realm, there is always a certain thrill to using ground mounts. I kind of miss having that on-edge feeling at all times, but at the same time can understand the frustration of newer players with it.


All-in-all I think not having flying until level 100 is fair, but I wouldn't oppose to a lack of flying until 6.1.

#13 Lilija


    Piston Honda

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Posted 29 January 2014 - 10:16 AM

I'm closer to "For it" answer, however, I don't think Blizzard's solution is ideal. I would personally prefer flying in WoD to be obtainable by a lenghty and epic quest chain that isn't retricted by patch itself but time and effort. So if someone is supper set on doing it asap they should be able to finish it earlier.

#14 Harshgen


    Glass Joe

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 01:10 AM

I'm aiming more to "for it", however the way blizzard will implement it is a bit lackluster. As Lilija stated before me it would perhaps be better to implement flying thru a long hard and epic quest chain.

#15 CCG


    Glass Joe

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Posted 05 March 2014 - 04:49 PM

Aside from the obvious economical craziness that will happen, I don't like this idea. I need to fly! I'm no noob, Been playing for more than 5 years. Sometimes when I have nothing to do in the game (which happens a lot) I will just fly around and explore. All other games I have tried in the past, I haven't subscribed to because there was no flying mechanics.


I wouldn't be playing until I could fly again..


Did you play in vanilla? Of course everything was new to me then and i was like 10 years old but even still I remember exploration begin so much more fun and exiting when you had to traverse everything on the ground. As it is now you can see all there is to see with a 15 minute flyover.

#16 Gtdead


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Posted 08 March 2014 - 11:58 PM

I was never a fan of flying mounts. They are useful for professions of course, but I never thought gathering professions in vanilla were miserable. I was always playing on pvp servers and competing for thorium nodes was half the fun. I hated flying mounts when bc came out for the sole reason that the people that had farmed/had the ability to farm enough gold for epic mount had an incredible advantage over others (Terrokar dungeons, gathering professions) plus the ganking became pretty much unbearable. In vanilla there was an answer for pretty much anything except the rogue ganks. In tbc higher levels just swooped down from the sky and there was nothing you could do.Also pretty much encouraged using gold buying services and led to stupid phenomena like http://afkgamer.com/...ded-epic-mount/ .


When WoW's focus changed to LFR and instanced PvP, flying mounts made more sense. Plus Wotlk was designed for flying. More farming spots, bigger areas. I still didn't like it cause I just don't like consensual pvp that much. But I didn't complain. 


I'm perfectly ok with not being able to fly in the beginning. In fact I'd like to see the flying mechanism changed, like for example the quest in Hyjal that you had to ride the hipogryph and break the Twilight Eggs.


I just want wow to be a game that forces you to get involved like it was in vanilla. I think that's what devs want. Playing wow nowadays is too modern, too lazy. Even casuals care more about damage rotations and farming shit than actually enjoying the game.

#17 Immacoward


    Glass Joe

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 03:53 PM

I'm ALL FOR IT , I loved this game when i was getting camped (PvP/PVE) . It makes you think before just running into everything. I've been annoyed by flying for lots of Versions now. The only people gonna really complain about it , is the ones who started during easy mode. The ones been playing this for years (more than 5 LOL, by the way loved that post) know how everything was. I agree the quest chain idea to , i just hope its a grind not like 3 quest


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#18 Mikkia


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Posted 25 April 2014 - 02:34 PM

Hmm, that's interesting. I can remember in vanilla days and running on foot everywhere--even too cheapskate-ish to buy a flight to anywhere, since it was so expensive for a lowbie.  :huh:  Meanwhile, even if we're incapable of flying for that duration, perhaps they can provide a flying "public transportation" system as they do in Silverpine Forest. Even with running everywhere in MoP, and the access to FPs, I STILL uncover areas I've not quite fully explored before. I kind of have an appreciation for games whose maps you can't entirely encompass; somehow the game feels more involving & immersive and reminds me of the old vanilla & EQ days. ;D

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#19 Anakha


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Posted 04 September 2014 - 02:36 PM

Although it would not break the game for me either way, I think at least it should be made a target to work for and not a granted thing when you reach max level. Since the idea to even discuss this is to get more players enjoy the actual continent devs work hard to bring up, I think this should be learned through a multiple steps quest chain which takes player around the continent or more simply this could be a reward for achievement to exploring all the zones of the new continent.

#20 Dessira


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Posted 13 September 2014 - 11:25 AM

I hope they do away with flying altogether for many of the same reasons others have put forward who are for this.  If you are going to trivialise travel within the world, what point is there in being a world in the first place?  If WoW were today going to switch to entirely instanced much like NWO or Guild Wars was, there'd be very little change for the players for the most part.


Gone are the times when the tram and boat rides were relevant, where mages used to be able to make a good living in selling their services to get people around the world because traversing it used to take some time and effort.


Those sort of things made the WORLD of warcraft feel like an immersive world.  They are largely no longer present, and it's saddening to me.

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