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Idea – Exclusive access to your favourite eSports Player/Team/Commentator/Tournament

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Have you ever wondered? :

What does Polt get up to on his days off?

What Indie game is Totalbiscuit playing today?

How does Evil Geniuses feel about its play in the LCs Tournament?

What happens behind the LCS Tournament scene?


I bet you have similar questions about your favourite pro player/team/commentator/tournament.


What if …


There was a service that was similar to twitter/youtube/facebook that gives exclusive access to your favourite eSports pro player/team/commentator/tournament, allowing you access to exclusive pro player/team/commentator/tournament uploaded content, a community of like-minded individuals and a live foot print of their daily lives and activities.


Examples of pro player/team/commentator/tournament

Polt – Starcraft 2 Pro Player

Grubby – Starcraft 2 Pro Player

Pobelter – League of Legends Pro Player

Sneakey - League of Legends Pro Player

Day(9) – Starcraft 2 Commentator

Totalbuscuit – Various Commentator

Yogcast – Various Commentators

C9 – League of Legends Team

Team Liquid – Starcraft 2 Team

LCS – League of Legends Tournament

Dreamhack – Various Tournaments


The Service would offer exciting and deep insights in to the lives of the pro player/team /commentator/tournament through imagery, blogs, audio and video. Additional through GPS technology the service will provide movements of the League of Legends Pro Player in real or delayed time.


To be able to provide the service a small fee would be required which would be split between the pro player/team/commentator/tournament and the service.


This would be a great way to gain exclusive closer access to your favourite eSports pro player/team/commentator/tournament and support them directly with a community of like-minded individuals grow the eSports scene and the players/teams brand.


Questions to consider (I would really appreciate your honest and constructive feedback):

-Would you use this service? (Yes/No)

-Who would you like to follow? (pro player/team/commentator/tournament)

-Is $7 (usd) acceptable? (Too High/acceptable/too low)

-The Main Pro Games you follow?

-What content would you expect?

-Any other comments?

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