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Is ESO only for PvPers?


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#1 Baeleth


    Glass Joe

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Posted 26 March 2014 - 01:46 AM

So ESO is a PvP-focused game. Is there going to be enough content/interest for non-PvPers to play it through the end-game and beyond?


I'm not a PvPer at all but I love the Elder Scrolls series. For years I've been waiting for ESO and now the release date rapidly approaches and they seem to be pushing PvEers and RPers into the back seat.


I want to give ESO a chance but is it even worth it if I don't PvP?

#2 Soulece


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 31 March 2014 - 11:17 PM

Well we don't know much about the end game yet. However, Zenimax claims that there is a lot for PvEers to do and definitely there is alot of lore to work with. However, they have put alot of effort into promoting the PvP aspect of the game so we shall see.

#3 Arxkanite


    Piston Honda

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Posted 22 April 2014 - 06:58 AM

There is tons for PVE. Like so many dungeons both public and private. Public dungeons get harder and harder the more people in them. But most you can solo and have fun. There are a few epic public dungeons that are hard enough you need to group up with the rando's you find to get through them. (Thanks to the way the mega server works, you'll always find a few people to hang out with). Plus you get some cool achievements for clearing these.


For the main dungeons you can use dungeon finder to find a group. Once you clear the dungeon for a certain level bracket within your own alliance, you unlock the other two faction's alliances and can then instantly teleport to these new dungeons.


Then there are some amazing guild quest lines, tons of crafting (everyone can craft everything, but its' still balanced.), soul shards to find, lore books to find, and some other crazy things. 


I haven't reached veteran content yet, but there is so much to do PVE wise that I haven't had much time to PvP yet.

#4 Stardance


    Glass Joe

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Posted 17 November 2014 - 07:54 AM

The real question is whether PvP is voluntary.


The last game I want to play is one in which wannabe serial killers are allowed to get their jollies by using their avatars to kill the avatars of other players whenever and wherever they choose to do that.


When I began playing WoW I was on Destromath until the population withered away and the guild transferred to Bleeding Hollow. But BH soon became so horde-dominated that my Alliance paladin literally could not leave the beach around Tushui Landing on Timeless Isle because all I could do was fight Horde player-toon after Horde player-toon. Nor could my paladin get even the first quest in the Black Prince series for the Legendary Cloak because the Horde hung-out there 24 hours per day and in enough numbers to ensure that any solo Alliance player would not have a chance to do that.


Then Blizzard has the nerve to demand payment to transfer my character(s) to a PvE realm, Garona. Since then they have even increased the transfer fee to a ridiculous amount.


Blizzard has profitted handsomely from promoting hatred and contempt for the Alliance among the Horde and, as an Alliance player, I have come to feel that it just isn't worth playing the game any more.


So I am looking for alternatives. Although I have had hopes for ESO, it seems as though they are going to travel the same path as Blizzard.

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