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DBM Update 5.4.14 Released

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New Features


  1. DBM Core should now filter VEM boss whispers.
  2. Several French Updates
  3. Several Chinese Updates
  4. Added preliminary support for combat resurrection charge timer. Will require actual 6.0 testing to finish it.
  5. Several new timer features were added. Full documentation on what they are and how to use them is available here:

Siege of Org:

  1. Added a timer for the Thrall/Garrosh RP event. Timer may be + or - few seconds since even does seem to have slight variation.
  2. Added countdown options for bombardment cooldown & bombardment duration on heroic garrosh.

Bug Fixes


  1. Fixed nil error when using certain features while not inside a raid zone (such as break timer).
  2. Fixed issue where DBM may not auto accept party invites sent over battletag/realid.
  3. Fixed issue with Pull detection for Hodir.
  4. Several fixes for 3rd party timer skinning.
  5. Fixed a nil error for WoW 6.x related to WatchFrame being renamed.

Siege of Org:

  1. Fixed bug where Paragons parasite counter didn't work correctly on any 25 man difficulty.
  2. Fixed bug where two of the prisons on Sha of Pride didn't announce on 25 man difficulty.
  3. Fixed bug where range frame on Paragons would close at incorrect times.
  4. Fixed bug where range frame would show at incorrect times on Malkorak.

Heart of Fear:

  1. Fixed Action Blocked errors that would happen on combat end with Amber Shaper Unsok if "fix nameplates" is enabled while using WoW patch 5.4.8.



  1. Auto invite accepting is now smarter and will NOT accept invites if you are soloing inside a raid instance.
  2. World boss pull alerts changed some more to work better with connected realms.
  3. Even greater lengths to prevent false world boss pull alerts that may be caused by loop backs (all same realm pass on code is now removed).
  4. Micro optimizing in core to call GetInstanceInfo() less often.

Siege of Org:

  1. Manifestation spawns on Norushen will now show spawn number.
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    • New Feature: Color bars by type (Updated 9-18-15)
      By MysticalOS

      Deadly Boss Mods now supports coloring timers by timer type. This is feature complete with full configuration and a disable options.

      Timers fall under 7 type classifications. Adds, AOEs, Targeted, Interrupts, Role, and Phase. Timers that don't fit any of them are set to 0 "no type" and don't use the new colors. Default options will be automatically generated for all current content mods which includes Draenor, Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, all draenor 5 man dungeons, Brawlers guild, and the new Hellfire Citadel. In addition, any and all timers support changing the classification to any of the colors you choose to fit your own liking (as can be seen in third and fourth screen shots below.

      The idea is to make it easier to focus to identify certain bars more easily. Is your job interrupting? Switching to adds? These are type of things that will let you glance over at bars and identify it very quick by the colors.
      Configuring the 7 Types to any color you choose. These below are the defaults but you are free to use whatever you wish. If you ever need to reset defaults just hit the reset button under each color wheel.
      And of course, yes it can be disabled. Uncheck the box below and DBM timers will use only the color configuration from "Bar Setup" for all timers, just as it did in previous versions.
      In addition, the default assignments for each timer can be changed within boss mod settings as seen below. Allowing you to refine the colors used by the mods to be just the way you want them.
      09-18-15 Update:


      A new type 7 color type has been added. "User"

      dbm_type7_bar.jpgThis new "User" bar is not used by ANY mods by default but instead is an option designed to let user personally define any specific timers they wish into a custom setting designed exclusively to allow a user to prioritize a certain timer. This allows you to activate a custom "!" inline icon as well as set bar to always be enlarged. This also goes without saying but User bar also has it's own color options.


      You activate custom options/color on any bar you wish via same method as before.



      Below you can see a Custom bar in the test mod function with both the custom icon and force enlarge enabled.



      In addition to that. Because I liked the custom icon so much for custom bars. I decided to expand it to other bars too!. I now use the dungeon journal icons across timers throughout different mods to further emphasize bar purposes and priorities by assigned roles or duties or importance or dispel types. Same way dungeon journal does using same icons. Not ALL bars will use inline icons. Just the ones that actually have relevance to the icons, like as rated by dungeon journal.


      Of course, any feature has to be optional so a new checkbox was added to disable inline icons



      Disabling inline icons for all bars does NOT disable the custom inline icon for type 7 bars. That's still independent.

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