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Standard Alpha Troubleshooting.

warlords of draenor

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Posted 08 June 2014 - 08:13 PM

I thought I'd make a post covering some of the new trouble shooting steps that are new to Warlords of Draenor that have come in handy.

Error 112 (but you DO have alpha/beta access)

Notes: If you do not have alpha/beta access you will ALWAYS get error 112. Verify you actually do have access in your account management. Warlords of Draenor should be listed as a PTR client. Do not confuse it with Mists of Pandaria PTR client (which everyone has).
1. While both launcher and WoW are closed, Delete your config.wtf file

Crashing on character login:

Notes: This basically replaces old method of deleting "cache" inside data folder.

1. Open Data folder. Inside are 3 folders. Data, Indices, Config.
2. While both launcher and WoW are closed delete both "Indicies" and "Config" folders completely.
3. Reopen launcher and when wow shows up to date, click play. First launch will take several minutes(depending on internet connection) while it streams in new indices/config files.


Error downloading a "Cheat file":

Notes: This is result of some corrupt data. This generally means a reinstall is required. :\

1. If you want to try avoiding reinstall, try diong the steps above for indices/config, and if that doesn't work, start deleting files in data folder one at a time (starting with most recent modification date) until problem goes away. With blind luck you may locate the damaged file when it just starts working. (Any file deleted from data folder will be redownloaded upon next launcher launch.). This may be a slow process but worth it if it's any faster than redownloading 26 gigs.


Frequent Assertion Crashes:

Notes: Most of these cannot be avoided completely and are just the result of the alphas debug code finding math or other logic errors and halting on it. Debug builds halt on code fail instead of failing silent like release builds. This is intended to identify such bugs during the test process but it does mean a pretty unstable experience sometimes in early alphas.

1. Turns shadows to low can resolve some of them.

2. If 1. isn't enough, reducing view distance can help at least avoid the objects causing said crashes from being rendered on screen unless they are closer to you.


[Mac] Bunch of bogus application files in folder:

1. Delete All .app files while launcher and WoW are closed.

2. When you reopen launcher it'll regenerate application files without all the bogus unlaunchable ones.

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