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WildStar Paths Introduction: Which One Will You Choose?

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 01:42 AM

There are four paths in WildStar, Exploeer, Scientist, Settler and Soldier. We need to choose one among them before creating our character. It is really pity that we can only choose one.
Explorer Skills
Explorer  Skills are all personal skills, we can say that these are prepared for the players who want to explore WildStar alone. These skills will enable you to the places where others can’t access to, to admire the views that not every players can see. Also, the quests for explorer are quite challenging. They need you various jumping to complete, but yes, the fun is bigger as well. and the skill Air Brakes can make you show your ability in field PvP and PvE, for example, when you are chasing  by  a player, you can jump over the wall before you while the other player can’t, you can also use it to resolve the fall damage, if your enemy jump as you do, he or she will be died.
Scientist Skills
Holographic Distraction, when you are chased by others, use this skill to run into group of monsters and let the monsters behind you to fight with your energy, remember it is not run away, it is a kind of strategy.
Create Portal, this skill can help you back to the Capital City fast. We can say that this is really a convenient skill as in WildStar, players can’t return to the original place when using the returning skill back to Capital City. But if you own the skill, you will make others jealous.
Summon Group, another rather cool skill, if you are in the same big map with your teammates, you can summon your mates using this skill. When you meet a hard boss in the field and you can’t solo it, you can summon your friends up easily to defeat it.
Settler Skills
Settler is the only path with four skills, do you feel fair now? Settler skills make us believe that the world is his home. With these skills, you can easily sell your WildStar Items in the field and in the dungeons, you also want to farm the items and craft your items with rare materials? No problem! You can summon a table to use. You can even build a bank and other buff increased in some certain field. But notice that if you build a bank in the filed, it will affect the back industry of the Capital City, thus you maybe in the wanted list of the city because you don’t have the needed license.
Soldier Skills
Soldier, it seems to be born for the fight, isn’t it? And it is also the truth. So sorry we can’t use the skills in PvP, but they are really wonderful in PvE model.
Back into the Fray. This skill will give you a second life no matter you are a tank or a dps with in time use. I can’t help thinking, what if this skill can be cast automatically, which would be really amazing.
Bail Out, it is an insane skill to sneak in the battlefield. You can sneak into the back of your enemy’s field, and call your teammates around; you can call 40 ones in one time, but feel happy, please, 40 people will change the whole fight indeed.
Combat Supply Drop, this skill is also born for fight. We can various choices in the weapon bags, including damage and dizzy. The only pity is that these skills have time restrict when the items are used for long time, just as buff. But if don’t, then these skills can be invincible.
Ok, we now have introduced all the path skills in WildStar. We feel so hard to make a choice among them as every one of them has its own characteristics. Which one is your choice then?

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