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WildStar guide to Ruins Of Kel Voreth

Ruins Of Kel Voreth WildStar copy guides

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Posted 18 June 2014 - 07:03 AM

WildStar copy Of distinctive, very challenging, usually bad cooperation, but a copy for several hours, today we are going to introduce Dominon camp under the Ruins Of Kel Voreth some Of the key. The copy of your team best to achieve the following configuration:


1. Level 20.

2. Equipped with synchronization.

3. at least one remote DPS.

4. Tank need be stronger.

5. Don't need to face roll keyboard treatment career.

6. To mark  a special tag to tank and treatment before the start.


The entire Copy mainly have three boss, every boss are very likely to make you a Aced, so please pay attention to details. You will see a similar arena place, when you get into the copy, first boss appears here, and you need to kill 3 boss will come.
Boss is divided into two types, a mage, a melee, usually first kill the monster in the figure 1, the basic nothing difficult, pay attention to the trap on the ground will make you dizzy.
When you kill the Boss 2, be careful not to attract the middle mage, best can pull to the side to play.Boss 3 monster mages type, can summon the four small skull, skeleton dead will repeat summons, kill Boss directly. After killing the three Boss Boss appearance, is a wild boar, wear some good equipment although weakened compared with the previous tests, but also cannot dismiss, below is the Boss of a few main skills:

1: In front of the fan attacks

2: Back Kick

3: Back Kick in rings.

4:2 CC shield layer.


The boss please his teammates to keep formation, DPS please stand on both sides of the boss, the best in the same side, usually there is little possibility of this area is under attack, tank please positive face the boss, and trying to avoid boss skills when taking about mobile strategy, such as the boss put a skills ahead, tank can be right back, and then back to the in situ, so that both sides of the DPS teammate will not need targeted mobile.
Scope of treatment according to their own take a stance, this is the linear treatment of stance, square treatment please stand between the tank and DPS.Formation, though, seems very simple, but the boss wouldn't be so obedient, try to keep the plastic, treatment can take care of all his team-mates, and DPS hurt less.
The boss has been weakened, the harm of various skills is also reduced, and the skills of the trash not this time, basically no problem as long as he doesn't skills by continuous attack.If the summons 3 little strange, probably it is called a play a circle, small strange especially like to climb to the top of a wet nurse.Note trap is around the arena can kill these little strange, remote can take small blame are introduced.
Next to the location of the next boss, on the way, I will meet a small boss, although called a small boss, but the effect is also destroyed.The little boss please note that he is a trick, large area of the red circle on the ground, within the scope of deceleration, the red circle out to thorns before disappearing from the earth, the tank are not to test your ability to resist against.
Boss 2 a very power and prestige of the robot, compared to the first Boss is too much.The nm basically has the following several stages: stage 1: call the small monster, at this stage please keep DPS skills and cooling, and then to the door waiting for the final a little strange, since the explosion hit the fire in front of the explosive destroy the monster, remember not its death or you die.Before this phase as well as the bug location can escape, now fix basic full screen no dead Angle, if team DPS is too weak, suggest to give up.

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Posted 18 June 2014 - 07:14 AM

Phase 2:
Boss is coming again, after the release a few fixed point ground lightning skill, all players will be pulled by a trap device, similar to sneak a skill, you can only within the scope of a mobile, DPS must quickly destroy your device then immediately to help the tank and the treatment of damaged devices.
At this stage boss will keep releasing loop skills, with their own as the center outward expansion, fell down, hit the player will be dizzy if you was attacked by ground lightning again, so you killed the possibility is very large, pay attention to the all-round skills in the presence of just can leap forward or back to avoid, in this stage is to make you learn how to avoid the attack at the same time.
Phase 3:
Boss once again back to the door, and then gradually increase many will not attack the monster in the doorway, at this time there will be A hint "A tracking beacon has had been attached to XXX", the system will randomly marking A player, the marked players don't get close to the door, near A monster will blow itself up.
Attack at the gate of melee profession is unable to avoid the explosive attack, and the explosive were devastating damage. Marked players head has a tag, when you have a good rest after it was mark, don't go to entrap teammates.
The final phase:
Difficulty upgrading, cast in annular skills and at the same time, the ground lightning summon explosive MOBS, every time 3, only pay attention to your walk, otherwise is death. Next to the location of the last boss, don't think that was easy, the way of small blame is stronger, the effect is also out of rhythm.
Please pay special attention to the following mage monster: this type of mage monster is very dangerous, so go against, a damage over time, normally can hurt you 80% HP, followed by the fan in front of the attack, usually a few times continuous attack, 2 times will die. Then there is some monster with a sledgehammer, your weapon was hit fly at any time, to search for your weapon. Final boss skills very gorgeous, damage is also good, the boss well with a little difficult, bad cooperation continuously run bodies.
Please note the following:
Don't stand on the fire, that you will die soon.
Don't let your boss have too much fire balls buff, each teammate boss call fire the ball as far as possible when one is in charge of a direction.
During launch a large fireball boss in full screen, please go to the edges of the map, from the boss as far as possible to avoid.

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