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Wildstar Esper PvP Healer Build in Practice Grounds

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In the Practice Grounds' 10 vs 10 combat, a group of team at least need 3 healers otherwise it  will cause great disadvantage to your team. Well, how can Esper play the role of healer in a group?

Now, this is the Esper Healer Build:




As a healer in PvP, your quest not only is healing, you should the ability to control enemies and enhance the viability of your allies. These two aspects you can use some control skills as auxiliary.


Build Analysis:

Skill 1 can move to heal and regenerate Psi.
Skill 2 is the powerful single healing skill for Esper. Skill 2 and Skill 8 can help you one player has full blood life under three people attacks
Skill 3,4,5 belong to the control skills which can assist allies. For example,to help player attack enemies and steal mask.
Skill 6 is powerful AOE healing skills, most treatment 10 people.
Skill 7 not only can cause damage but also can heal, and it can regenerate Psi.
Skill 8 has additional shield to absorb damage, it is very strong powerful!




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