Deadly Boss Mods 6.0 Testing (Updated: 10-07-14)

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I have some test mods that work in 6.0 beta available here:
1. Not all mods are complete. They are updated as testing is ongoing with things added after each raid test conducted.
2. Installing latest pvp mods, wrath, cata, classic mods does in fact work, but ensure they are latest or there will be a bug with mod sorting that'll cause WoD not to appear at top of interface as it's supposed to.
Bug Reporting:
1. Please report any LUA errors that list DBM as cause.
2. Please report any incorrect timers or alerts.
3. Please report all 6.0 mod bugs in this thread. Beta feedback should not be mixed in with live mod feedback.
4. Ensure you are using 6.0 mods only. Especially in regard to Siege of Org. If you use 5.4 version of mod it'll have a lot of problems.
Do NOT report:
1. Lua errors for other mods
2. Issues with 3rd party mods like DBM-VictorySounds, DBM-Profiles.

Mod Progress (Updated: 10-07-14)
*Remove non-working general channel sync
*Tooltip hiding improvements
*Added ptBR countdown voices
*Break timer switched to local messages and no longer send raid messages.
*Break timer now has countdown audio and text just like pull timer.
*CN Update
*Added drycodes for 3 Draenor world bosses: Drov, Tarlna, Rukhmar
*Major updates to Iron Maidens now that all fight data is known
*Train updates to thogar and enabled audio countdown for incoming train and timers for most train sets on non mythic difficulties. However, do to a blizzard bug it may fail past set 18.
*Fixed some minor bugs on darmac.
*Fixed a major bug in DBM core that was breaking icon setting in a few mods.
*Added 3rd voice option so boss mods can now utilize 3 audio countdowns concurrently without audible conflict. (
*Updated Twin Ogron, Koragh, and Margok
*Added new feature. Now any Normal, Heroic, Mythic boss pull, wipe, or kill while in a guild group is synced to entire guild so people not in raid get to see progression first hand. This will sync information only on current raids and only if group has sufficient members to flag it as a guild run. In other words, no it won't share pugs or LFRs or 5man type content. The alerts can also be disabled.
*Brackenspore & Kargath Updates.
*Range frame now checks if in group and if not, no longer auto shows during boss fights.
*World Boss mods will now make use of zone channel syncing to share information like if the boss died while you were running back, so your mod knows what's going on even if not in a group with people fighting boss.
*Fixed bug causing breath warning on flamebender to not filter non tanks.
*Added several new warnings and timers to Iron docks 5 man dungeon.
*Added a friendly message to inform users who try to use these beta mods on live that this is incorrect version to be using instead of just erroring out and not informing user why.
*Added 2 new countdown voices (credits to
*Updates to Darmoc and Iron Maidens in all difficulties
*Fixed a syncing Lua error introduced in last version
*Improved slash command for collecting mapdata for warcraftlogs (/dbm whereami or /dbm whereiam)
*Updated Challenge modes to use new CM events instead of old WORLD_STATE ones.
*Added blank world boss mods to at least detect combat with the 3 world bosses as well as test dynamic loading for them.
*Fixed leaked global in DBM-Arrow.
*MANDATORY UPDATE. Updated GUIDS for build beta build 18888+
*Hopefully fixed a rare nil error with UpdateAnimationFrame() that caused GUI not to open if a user turned on model viewer after login.
*Added audio countdowns to 8 boss fights throughout Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry (note that countdowns still don't work until Blizzard fixes)
*Removed Restrictions on using /dbm arrow slash commands so it can be used in a lot more places than just raids. This is handy for even every day things like looking up coords for something on wowhead then doing /dbm arrow map x y and having dbm point to the spot. This is actually not a new feature and been around since wrath but we're making it more exposed now.
*Fixed LFR difficulty checks in some mods that caused things that should not display in LFR to still display anyways.
*Fixed incorrect announce on Oregorger puddle giving wrong spell name.
*Several fixes to LFR Gruul and blast Furnace timers/warnings.
*Updated arrow and range frame to new UnitPosition 6.0 api calls. IMPORTANT. Please test/pay attention to range frame and arrows pretty thoroughly to ensure nothing broke from this.
*Mythic Updates for Tectus, Kargath, Koragh, Kromog, Thogar, Brackenspore, Iron Maidens, and Blast Furnace
*Some Mythic drycodes for thur/friday testing.
*Merged updated outdoor loading code from Live DBM to Beta mod so mods like Timeless Isle work correctly in beta as well.
*Fixed some Grim Rail Depot bugs
*Merged target scanning changes from live to be faster in soloing (no need to do a multi-pass scan if you are only person in raid you are only eligible target)
*Fix twin ogron blaze spam
*Disabled twin ogron berserk timer in LFR
*ruRU update
*deDE update
*Made compatible with build 18816 changes to GetAddonInfo()
*Fixed lua error on engage with Kargath Bladefist
*Changed Berserker Rush special warning to more specifically say "Move to Flame Jet" on Kargath Bladefist mod
*Removed Berserk timer on Butcher mod on LFR difficulty.
*Fixed Cleave timers/warnings not working on Butcher mod in all difficulties
*Fixed Bounding Cleave warnings/timer not working after frenzy on Butcher mod in all difficulties
*Added 7 minute berserk timer to Twin Ogron fight that was reported in feedback thread.
*Updated Twin Ogron for Mythic plus some bugfixes for all difficulties as well.
*Updated Gruul for all difficulties.
*Updated Twin Ogron for the 10 second warmup on pull
*Fixed Butcher health reporting (status whispers and wipe message)
*Drycoded Mythic updates on Gruul (Blackrock Foundry), Twin Ogron (Highmaul), and Butcher (Highmaul).
*Mythic updates on Darmoc, Kagraz from test data.
*Bugfixes on Blackhand (Blackrock Foundry), Koragh (Highmaul), and Skylord Tovra (Grim Rail Depot)
*Fixed lua erorr in Grim Rail Depot (Rocket And Borka)
*Updated Kagraz to include a few more warnings for stuff that was missing do to missing the test and not getting/going through logs right away.
*Some minor drycodes for mythic warnings that probably won't work (I'm sure epicenter won't be in combat log, tantrum sure wasn't.
*Bloodmaul Slag Mines update
*Grim Rail Depot update
*Auchindoun update
*koKR update
*Minor Bugfixes
*Fixed lua error with Blackrock Foundy mod loading (HansgarandFranzok)
*Updated mods for Blackhand, Thogar, and Kargath
*Added mods for Iron Docks 5 man
*Now hides the objectives frame by default when engaging bosses. (Not a new feature, just a new default since scenario objectives in 5 mans get in way of timers).
*Fixed combat start lua error in the combat resurrection timer
*Updated Blast Furnace mod
*Updated Hansgar and Franzok mod
*Fixed a lua error in Iron Maidens mod.
*Added preliminary mod for Kargath Bladefist
*Added preliminary mod for Blast Furnace
*Added preliminary mod for Hansgar and Franzok
*Added preliminary mod for Blackhand
*Added preliminary mod for Thogar
*Fixed a few bugs in everbloom mods.
*Added Everbloom dungeon mods
*Updated raid mods for Tectus, Iron Maidens, Margok, and Brakenspore mods using raid test data.
*Fixed Boss health frames detecting absorbs properly in 6.0
*Combat Resurrection charge timer should now loop.
*Added a help message for logs that will display on 6.0 raid testing combat end messages. (I'm not always able to find a group and when I don't, I still need logs. Therefor, I any 3rd party log support I can get.)

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*Remove non-working general channel sync

*Tooltip hiding improvements

*Added ptBR countdown voices

*Break timer switched to local messages and no longer send raid messages.

*Break timer now has countdown audio and text just like pull timer.

*CN Update

*Added drycodes for 3 Draenor world bosses: Drov, Tarlna, Rukhmar

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