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Infraction for Pintofbrew: IRONY ALERT

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Posted 21 December 2007 - 08:24 PM

Post: TBC Mage Theorycrafting
User: Pintofbrew
Infraction: IRONY ALERT
Points: 2

Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Perhaps you should report those posts rather than shitting up the thread with your backseat moderation.

Original Post:

Congratulations, you have proven that:

1) You did not read the EJ posting rules.

2) You failed to decide the correct thread to post in, which was amazingly named http://elitistjerks....help_me_please/

3) You succeeded in Thread Necromancy by posting in a thread which was dropped 2 months ago.

4) You read none of the Theorycrafting forums, and used none of the simulators/spreadsheets/websites that give output, deciding to use an outdated, utterly bullshit scaling spec of 41/20/0. Then you topped that by asking the epically incredible "do I need to wory about hit?".

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