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Share Your Interface - READ THE FIRST POST (No, really. Read it.)

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#1661 mstWeal


    Glass Joe

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 05:15 PM

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Video: Irshadmor's Moonkin UI - YouTube

My highly customized moonkin ui. The eclipse bar predicts how much eclipse energy one has when the current spell finishes, just like the addon BalancePowerTracker can do as well. WeakAuras however allows me to put in a lot of cool effects, too :-) All timers were built using WeakAuras as well.

Aside from that, I tried to provide all informations needed for raiding (e.g. cast bars and buffs / debuffs for target and focus target) while at the same time building a very tidy ui with as much free space as possible.

Addons used:
- Pitbull
- WeakAuras
- Skada
- Dominos
- SexyMap
- Quartz
- TidyPlates
- Masque
- Chatter

#1662 WhitemistEU



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Posted 22 March 2013 - 09:05 AM

A UI made with healing in mind, but I use it for various other roles as well.

Unitframes: Modified version of Kaitains "Kait: Aura".
Other addons:
- Aurora
- Bartender4
- Chinchilla
- Deadly Boss Mods
- Grid
- kgPanels
- Kui Nameplates
- LitePanels/Litestats
- NibChatTabs
- Prat
- Quartz
- Raven
- ShieldsUp
- Skada
- Stuf
- WeakAuras

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Video solo: Boonya UI - YouTube

Video raid: Boonya UI - PvE Raid - YouTube

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