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Thread of Ultimate Stupidity


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#1 Maniq


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Posted 13 May 2005 - 09:53 AM

Welcome to the worst thread in these forums.

Let this be an example of what the threads would look like if it wasn't for the moderation team (and the people who report these posts).

#2 lorelye



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Posted 15 November 2007 - 04:21 PM


#3 lorelye



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Posted 15 November 2007 - 05:06 PM


#4 Kamonji


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Posted 01 July 2008 - 01:47 PM

Either I am a idiot, or somehting is wrong for the link on my side. I still cannot get teh spread sheet to work.

#5 Guest_Highlatencyhunter_*

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Posted 02 July 2008 - 08:42 AM

Hello everyone,

First of all i registered to this website as soon as i knew about it which was yesterday and i couldnt go over all the 100+ pages of hunters discussion threads so i thought i will make this post so u can comment, help, or redirect me to whatever will help me. I saw cheek'ys spreadsheet excel sheet but i didn't really know how to use it. I will post the questions that i really want to know their answers after an introduction paragraph about my character so plz read it carefully.

As u might notice from the title i am suffering from 500-1k ms (high latency) and around 5-15fps from the first day i started world of warcraft. I've been playing since 2 years. I'm a survival specced hunter atm with 7/20/34 spec, i have DST and 4+ pieces of T6 and all of my other pieces are Bt + MH items. I'm using the /cast/cast macro including the kill command and lightning breath of my serpent in the macro. I usually spam this macro while raiding especially on boss fights and i noticed the clippings of autoshots which i think is resulting from my high latency and fps issues and maybe a bit from the macro design. I was doing fine in all the raids MH,BT,and 1st boss in sunwell (kalegos) knowing that my dps i was doing isnt that good since i can do much much more with my current gear but since my latency was very high i cant really do anything about it unless i get a much better connection and a new graphic card for imporving my fps.

However the annoying part started now, my guild is currently at brutallus and i'm the only survival hunter in the guild and they always take me to raids (Was and still a very core/active member since the beginning + im a very good boost for the melee dpsers). The max dps i ever reached on all the brutallus tries we did was 1800dps with my current 500-1k latency and 5-15 fps and usually 1600dps on all other tries while i was in a group of main tank 1 (prot warrior), main tank 2 (feral druid), and 2 resto druids which isnt really interesting for me. Now i know a hunter with my gear must be making an easy 2k+ dps. This is the armory link of my current gear so u can check it out The World of Warcraft Armory before answering my questions u might notice that my spec is 0/20/41 but that was just for yesterday where i tried to check if i can increase my dps on brutallus with it but my spec is usually 7/20/34 and don't worry about my 80 hit rating cause i have the neck from supremus (Choker of endless nightmares) which caps my hit rating when i use it. The questions i am seeking to get answered if possible are:

1. Is the macro i am using the correct one for my current auto shot speed/spec knowing that it automatically gets me to 1:1 shot rotation when i get hasted and gets back to 2:1 when im not hasted. Do you also suggest to use manual weaving since i have high latency instead of the macro cause it will just result in more and much more clippings?

2. Should i keep using my current spec with DST or?

3. Is it even possible to do more dps than 1600-1800 with my brutallus group setup and my current latency/fps issues :P?

4. do u think i must bind my macro to the mouse wheel or a keyboard cursor for better results or it doesnt matter?

Thankyou all for reading my case and i hope to hear from you some helpful/constructive comments soon.

#6 littlejim


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 12:38 PM

awesome, meloeth and all those who contributed to this project u earn +9999999999999(u get the picture) points in the book of life. big thanks.

#7 jfred007


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 02:24 PM

Alright here we go again,

I would like to know which is trully optimal. Sword/Sword or Fist/Sword -- Keeping in mind that I would put TPs in both Specializations for Fist/Sword and for Swords I'd have vile poisons.

Does the extra attack from Sword Specialization occur just has often when you are fist/sword?

And Does the 5% crit from Fists..apply to swords as well?

If I have further questions, I will posted/edit again.

Thank you,


#8 Buliwyf


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 03:05 PM

I think this is relevant to this thread. Your post sig flyingtoastr. Where did it come from, and do you have a link to the rest of stuff it was taken from?

#9 gustave777


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 03:29 PM

Quick question .... does Icy Veins also effect the global cooldown


#10 Guest_Nomoney_*

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Posted 02 July 2008 - 03:30 PM

On an equally geared warrior and rogue what class would benefit more from a warglave. After reading this post I thought about it and if a well geared warrior has no problem burning his rage then it doesn't seem like the dps on a warglave would benefit him half as much as it would for a rogue. First time posting, and any input would help.

#11 bimmian


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 07:46 PM


That looks great. Do the orbs actually have the swirly smoke animation, or just static?

#12 Guyog


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 08:11 PM

Thanks allot for all the suggestions guys , I will try these out !! :)

And as for Relwin sending me a infraction for signing my post , well if you have a problem signing yours that is fine but you do not delegate whether I sign mine sir and if that is a problem then just remove my membership and my e-mail from your forum .


PS - it is my choice if I wish to sign my post Relwin , not yours , I am not worried about using my name to sign a post and never will be , if someone wants me then I urge him to come and get me but better know the cat before you grab his tail huh .

#13 Tune


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 10:21 PM

Didn't see it anywhere in the thread but I'd like to know how much 1 haste rating would be worth in healing.

#14 cow8111


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 10:33 PM

i'm the only dps war for my guild so i go with slam ms.
im currently hit capped with 2 t6 (gloves and shoulders) and the rest are BT and MH stuff with the exception of the badge bow.
now i've had t6 helm in bag for some time now (and i keep it in there 'cause i wont be hit capped otherwise), and should have chest soon. but if i don helm and chest for the 4 pc bonus, i'll have a huge ass dent in my hit (brings me to like 100ish or so).

question is is that even worth it? 'cause it means i'll have to use hit food and hit gems too.

with 4 pc i should hit the soft arp cap as well.

#15 Guest_Vlaide_*

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Posted 02 July 2008 - 10:35 PM


#16 Genghiskhan


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 11:42 PM

I have been reading alot on the forums about hunters. Me and the guild are at the kara stage and I was told that I don't do enough dps. I'm spec 41/20/0 and my gear is not that bad.
The World of Warcraft Armory

I use this macro:
#showtooltip Auto Shot
/cast !Auto Shot
/cast [target=pettarget, exists] Kill command
/cast Steady Shot
/script UIErrorFrame:Clear()

In combination with arcane shot while healing my pet. I have the aspect of the hawk and use m hunters mark all the time.

Can anyone give me some advise on improving my playing


#17 DukesX



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Posted 03 July 2008 - 03:15 AM

i am a bm hunter currently not yet 70 but in the high 60's and i was wondering what balance is the best for the int/agi. i dropped most int mail to pick up agi leather to level with but now my friends are telling me i am a dumbass and that i need a better balance of int. the problem is that i have to get rogue gear in order to keep my agi/crit chance/hit rating in order for me to have it at all becausse the mail gear in isntances and most quests are +spell damage and healing and that is a waste for me. so which one should i choose and what is the best int balance?

#18 Guest_IzusUD_*

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Posted 03 July 2008 - 12:30 PM

I have a question about DW hit cap. Is the cap really 28% and if so that would be 442 (441.58) is this the correct?
(if my numbers are right)
Hit Rating caps for DW are:

* 442 hit rating with 0 points in Precision
* 426 hit rating with 1 point in Precision
* 411 hit rating with 2 points in Precision
* 395 hit rating with 3 points in Precision

What would the ideal numbers that a DW warrior needs to hit to get the best results for your hit points?

*Glyph of the Outcast only provides higher dps than Glyph of Ferocity if you're already hit capped (9% for 2h, 28% for Dual Wield) and have Blessing of Kings.

#19 Bloodtear


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Posted 03 July 2008 - 04:08 PM

Seeing the origin if the previous few posters, could be that is enabled for EU only at the moment.

#20 itami11


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Posted 03 July 2008 - 04:56 PM

I found myself in a dilemma now about haste socketing. I'm sitting at around 1100 spell dmg unbuffed, and i have 65 spell haste so what i'm noticing is that my starfires are reduced to 2.88 seconds and i still have the same is-mf-3x starfire rotation, so in that point i have to wait maybe 0.5seconds due to my haste in order to reapply my dots and haste seems rather useless because i can't squeeze another starfire in this rotation. So is my logic here wrong or should i wait with spell haste socketing until i get a decent amount of passive spell haste from gear?

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