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Infraction for Havoc12: Useless Post

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Posted 08 July 2008 - 02:13 PM

Post: [Priest] Discipline WotLK Talent Preview and discussion.
User: Havoc12
Infraction: Useless Post
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AI totally disagree. If test of faith has kicked in your target is in major major trouble as they have less than 50% health. Currently this means that they will either be a tank and have 3 heals about to land or if another raid member is "PROBABLY" not going to take much more damage immediately or will die before you can land any significant heals

Test of Faith makes flash heal worth using in emergencies. IHC haste and the boost from test of faith make it an extremely fast and actually fairly large heal.

Think of this encounter: You have a boss that selects a random target every 5 seconds and hits them for a very large amount of damage. Something like claw charge on zul'jin or the ice bolt on rage winterchill. A priest healing that will have test of faith active on most heals.

Think of a boss that damages the entire raid for 70% of their HP every 20 seconds or so. Test of faith will return a massive amount of healing.

In fact its more than common for many targets to be below 50% heals in todays raids. A lot of the raid healing that needs to be done involves saving DPS from a high DPS ability. In spiky fights the tank also spends a good deal of time below 50% HP. Test of faith will probably not require that you begin your heal when the target is at 50% HP, only that the heal lands when the target is at 50% HP. Even with the encounters we know right now, this is quite a massive boost to effective healing and +crit.

As for the regeneration of disc priests vs holy priests, I should remind everyone that rapture returns mana to the entire party. So its quite conceivable that holy priests will enjoy the immense power of 16% clearcasting (which with the haste buff from IHC) and rapture.

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