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Infraction for Mortos: Grammar

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Posted 27 July 2008 - 01:40 PM

Post: [Mage] WotLK Talent Preview / Discussion
User: Mortos
Infraction: Grammar
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Hello, I dont usually write here, I have a couple of thoughts on the subject:

WG is indeed very powerful. But nerfing it into a Single Player Buff will take out Alot of what its good for.

In my opinion one of the major problems Mages had in TBC was a lack of synergy with other classess. No other class used either Fire or Frost and we only buffed other Mages with the same spec and even that was minor minor for Frost (Winter's Chill is always up as is when you spam your frostbolt, so only the first few Ice Lance spam was downed from 7.5 sec into 3 sec)

One of the thing Im looking forward in WotLK is that Synergy, Blizzard seem to want Destro Locks to use Fire and finally we have a class that Use Frost abilities and wants to attack Frozen targets as much as we do, and who knows maybe even the Elemental Shamies will cast fireballs as well as Lightning in the Expension.

WG adds Synergy, and its better then any other talent solely because of this - you want a Mage in the Raid cause he does good dmg <hopefully> AND buff other classes DMG as well, its still too little considering Hunter/Warlock added values (not to mention Hybreeds) but its a start

Im not saying WG shouldnt be nerfed (though it might be fun if it will happen after it goes live and we can enjoy it just a little).
I just dont think making it a "Only The Caster treat this target as frozen" will be a good solution, yes it will make us a little reactive, but from what I understand you will spam FFB and not Ice Lance even when the Mob is frozen so it wont make FFb builds reactive (maybe just in the sense of poping trinkets/CDs)

they can Simply remove FFB from Procing WG will be enough, FFb can still get Shatter effects and if another Mage put WG on the Target then the FFb mage will be enjoying his 70% crit chance for 5 sec but the FFB mage wont proc WG himself. Since Frostbolt and Ice Lance spamming even with 7 Frost mages is not "off the charts" (atleast according to this forum) I think this will make it a good option.

this way mages who pick the "better" dps spec of FFB will want a Frost Mage to Proc WG for them with Frostbolts...
but stacking 6 Mages with WG just for the last Mage with FFB wont be that much offscale...

yes it will still be open to exploits but I think it wont be as bad as it is now.

thats my thoughts atleast

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