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Warning for Havoc12: Whining

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Posted 09 December 2008 - 04:18 PM

Post: WotLK Healing Compendium v3.0 [in progress]
User: Havoc12
Infraction: Whining
Points: 0

Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Don't get the tears on your keyboard.

You may wonder why this is a warning and not an infraction. You have 4 infractions and this would be your 5th, resulting in a one week ban. Looking through some of your past infractions, I'm not ready to ban you for a week over them. You won't get this leniency again, I suspect.

Original Post:

You keep on nailing the problem, but from the wrong direction. Yes, Holy Priests need something beyond overscaled AoE raid damage to get them to raids. This is why I dislike Circle of Healing. The only thing it resulted in, was Blizzard increasing raid damage to levels where not having 2 CoH Priests meant you would have a much bigger difficulty in beating it. Perhaps Blizzards promises to do something bigger with Hymns will give raids a reason to bring more Holies.

Priests were great even without CoH in TBC, because they were 2nd best or equal to the specialists in every role. This is no longer the case in WotlK. We are 3rd best tank healers AND 3rd best aoe healers and we have 3rd best instants and we have no utility. On top of that, we no longer have the freedom to choose what spells to cast. Flash heal, PoM and CoH are pretty much what we HAVE to cast and now we really will be casting mostly flash heal. WotLK priests have turned into TBC paladins and shamans and I can't tell you how much I resent that.

Instead of using this opportunity to give us a new mechanic that both reduces the spammability of CoH, while giving priests the option of using other spells, through an arcane blast like mechanic, blizzard has taken the easy way of putting a CD on CoH, leaving holy worse off than it was. Instead of being boring but OP, we are now boring AND 3rd rate healers.

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