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[Alliance][Chamber of Aspects] <Compulsion> Recruiting for our 25 man team!!

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Posted 30 December 2008 - 10:51 AM

Compulsion is recruiting!

We are a new guild (around 6 weeks old) on the Chamber of Aspects server currently clearing 10 man content. Naxx , Obsidian Sanctum and Archavon all cleared. Also, we have cleared heroic Obsidian Sanctum, Archavon and 8/15 in Naxx.

We are are needing a few more members for our 25 man team!!

To apply, please visit our forums. (The main website is still under construction)

We are currently recruiting the following classes/specs. However, any other class/spec is free to apply an we will consider it.

Death Knight
Tank: 1
Unholy: CLOSED

Tank: 1
Feral DPS: 1
Balance: 1
Restoration: 1

Hunter: 1


Tankadin: 1
Retribution: 2

Holy: 1
Shadow: 2

Rogue: 2

Enhancement: 1
Elemental: 1
Restoration: 1

Warlock: 1


Basic Requirements:

We expect all members to meet our minimum requirements. Our requirements are strict to match the difficulty of the content that we do.

- The ability to fill out an application form.

- You must have 99% uptime. We don’t want people disconnecting/crashing during raids.

- A team player. A guild-first attitude is important. Loot Whores, raid puggers, troublemakers and whiners need not apply.

- PVE specced and geared.

- Willing to respect and adhere to the guild's rules, policies and methods, as well as our officers' requests.

- You must be at least heroic geared. You must have your gear fully gemmed and any epics enchanted. Your gear tells us a lot about your knowledge of your class.

- You must be able to give us an average of 60% attendance. This means we expect you to attend around 3 out of 5 raids a week. Please do not apply if you cannot keep to this attendance.

- You read/watch strategies, obtain consumables, and are ready to go every night for raids. You will communicate with the other healers or dps classes to coordinate fight-specific strategies. We have specific chat channels within the game that we use in raids for this purpose.

- You must have the desire to constantly improve your play. You must be able to take constructive criticism so that you can improve your play. We want people who are good, but who are always striving to be better.

- We need to be able to rely on you to be there on the tough nights when we're trying to beat new content. We need to know you're not going to flake out and disappear for a week, or that you're going to leave an hour early from raids on a regular basis.

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