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Infraction for Fierra: Backseat Moderation

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Posted 13 January 2009 - 11:58 PM

Post: The Survival Hunter in WotLK
User: Fierra
Infraction: Backseat Moderation
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Look Ma, the forum rules! Seriously, report the post and we'll deal with it.

Original Post:

I've been considering this and at a certian gear level wouldn't ES scale enough so that using ES,ES,ES would be the highest dps for a LnL Proc? You would only get 7/9 ticks of the three Explosive Shots but you would start the cooldown for ES three seconds faster than using ES,AS,ES,SS,ES. Doing this for two LnL procs would give you an "Extra" ES over the other rotation offsetting the loss to 1 Tick every two LnL procs.

Do you think this would result in more dps?


Look Ma, answers! Seriously, start reading that particular thread at the link, as we have already discussed this quite a bit.

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