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Infraction for Eliza: Useless Post

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Posted 18 January 2009 - 03:32 PM

Post: Death Knight UI's
User: Eliza
Infraction: Useless Post
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I've been mulling over this thread and the UI's posted about how we can better display the information. Recently I've also received some questions about the goal I have in mind for how I set up my own UI. To answer these questions I've made a photoshop mockup of what I'd like in the end. I've also been reading the UI forums and seen some interesting debate between displaying information in a horizontal bar format vs a more vertical one.

To address the concerns of an addon not displaying information clearly enough by using a left to right type approach, EG one horizontal bar that is actually 6 rune timers like have been posted. What about this?


Just have each bar listed as a priority type thing similar to an option magic runes has. Whichever bar will be up next would be listed at the top right under the runic power bar. I've posted more about this on my blog. Can visit in the link below or by clicking the image. I'd like to get some discussion going about this and see what you guys think.

Wrong topic. There is already a "discussion" thread about a Rune Addon: http://elitistjerks....n_we_do_better/
This thread here is about to post your DK UI.

And no, your "better" is not really better. Tastes are different.

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