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Infraction for Eliza: Trolling

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Posted 18 January 2009 - 03:35 PM

Post: Death Knight UI's
User: Eliza
Infraction: Trolling
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

You really, really need to shut the fuck up.

Original Post:

Seriously, can people please stop just saying "heres my ui: [screenshot]"? No one gives a shit what your UI looks like unless you're going to talk about how you've done things and why. In the main 'post your UI' thread they are very strict on this so I don't see why it should be accepted here.

This thread is meant to be about Death Knight-specific UI challenges and the design processes we use to overcome them, not a pointless collection of screengrabs.

Cry more please.

And for the "information stuff":

Why it looks like it looks

No extra runic bar because I have already one in my player unitframe. Buffs/Debuffs below and above my player frame so I can see my debuffs fast (-> grobbulus). Same for buffs.

For Runes: Using Runevolution because it's quite nice how it displays the runes. It's position is there so I can see it all the time.

About actionbars, always centered, dont really need them that big.

Now the target frame: My debuffs are the first, so I can see them clearly, ToT text color changes to yellow when target is targeting me. Buffs are small because I dont need them all the time - but disabling them isnt a way for me.

I use MSBT for dmg etc, above my player frame is the incoming damage/healing, above the target is the outgoing damage. In the middle (where the "Fel Intelligence" buff is) are my proccs or buff gains/loss.

And why it is so "minimalism" - because I want to see the f--king game and not panels and stuff.

What's missing at the moment?

I still have to write a nice small debuff display because I sometimes miss my Sudden Death proc.
Also I dont like bars to be honest, so need something different... that is the real "problem".

Addons used

Pitbull for unit frames
Satrina Buff Frames for buff frames
Bartender4 for bars
ButtonFacade for skinning BT4+SBF
MikScrollingBattleText for scrolling combat text
AzCastBar for casting bar

These are the "main" addons you see, minimap and stuff are self written and I think its not needed to mention them.


Should be enough. Sorry for misunderstanding ;)

I've tried a few different rune mods, including MagicRunes, and am currently using Runica, although I can't seem to get omnicc to display the countdown text that I think it needs.

You may have to change the size of the buttons in Runica so that it works. When I was written the mod I hadn't OmniCC so don't know why it is not working since I am just reskinning the original Rune Frame.

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