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[Horde][Frostmourne]<Eidolon> Looking for dedicated raiding members

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Posted 27 January 2009 - 10:44 AM

About Us

Eidolon has been around for the better part of 3+ years, with many ups and downs in that time period. We were originally comprised of 3 bothers and a strong core of friends that enjoyed raiding together. Guild officers have experience in all raids up to Sunwell. We started lagging behind in TBC once we hit BT, where we suddenly had a revolving door of healers, finally having to halt raiding all together approx 2 months prior to 3.0.

We were excited about Wrath, and committed to bringing ourselves back up to speed. We’re not necessarily looking for server firsts here, just steadily clearing content at an acceptable pace. Wrath started out excellent, with an excellent raid setup, and good progress. And now we’re back to a revolving door of Healers. So here we are.

Current Progression

We currently have cleared all 10 and 25 man content, up through Sarth2D.

What We Want

Recruitment is currently open to all healers primarily, but we are also looking at all DPS and Tanking classes as well. The goal here is to round back out the core 25 man group, and to put together a couple more good 10 man groups of slightly more casual players willing to back up the 25 man, with options of moving up as needed and as qualified.

Immediate Openings

1x Spriest or Boomkin

Gear is not as important as the knowledge of your class, and the overall knowledge of how to play said class to the best of your ability, as well as striving to increase that ability every raid.

We are still run by the original 3 founding brothers, and we are very passionate about both our guild, and our members. If you are the type of person in it for the loot, and have no compassion for those you raid with, you are not what we are looking for.

Raid Information

Current raid times are 7p to 11p AEST (Frostmourne ST) on wed thur sat mon. Once daylight savings hits these times change to 5p to 9p, due to the several of us being US based raiders, we raid from 3am to 7am our time.

Server transfers are welcome. If interested in talking, please PM Juravieal here on EJ, I am here daily. You can also contact any Eidolon member in game, as well as contact me directly via the same name on AIM. You can also visit our forums at Eidolon of Frostmourne

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