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Warning for Debby: 10. Do not back-seat moderate.

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Posted 29 January 2009 - 11:25 PM

Post: The Mage Equivalent: The Destruction Warlock
User: Debby
Infraction: 10. Do not back-seat moderate.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Hint: yes, it's just a game. This is just a game forum. On the other hand, this is a forum that it's made it's reputation based on the fact that we don't tolerate useless crap on the forums, so those that want to have more serious discussion may. If that's not the forum you want to participate on, that's fine - but it is the forum lots of our members want to see.

Also, if you feel people's posting is improper, report them and let the mods deal with it. It is not your job to dictate what is and isn't appropriate here... particularly since it's not entirely clear that you know.

Original Post:

I'm really getting sick of reporting you, PLEASE read back 2 pages and look at numbers that were posted for F&B vs UH, PLEASE read on the same page the look at glyphs, PLEASE read on that page the talk of rotations, and what pet to use. PLEASE sir, I ask this of you for your accounts sake let alone my sanity, It's only 2 pages back, and there are lots of pretty graphs.

First of all chill out. You are in a game forum.

I read all your posts and diagrams some pages ago. That does not mean I won't run simcrafts on my own. Most of the discussion back there was whether to use soulfire or not and why immo glyph might perform less that imp in this case. I didn't say anything about rotations nor glyphs. So half of your venting here is useless. About F&B you might be right complaining.

Once more, chill out.

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