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[Alliance][Thaurissan] <Vantage> (13/14) recruiting all classes for hard modes

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Posted 01 February 2009 - 08:46 AM

Vantage are currently seeking applicants of every class and spec. We are currently working on the various hard modes of Ulduar.

About Vantage

Website: Vantage - and along came a panda...

Vantage was formed with the release of the Burning Crusade in January 2007. It was originally a group of friends who wanted to raid together on a new server with the release of a new expansion. A few of the original members are still around, and majority of the raiders have been with us for nearly 2 years now. The average age of the guild is around 21-25.

We currently have a small roster and are looking to increase this dramatically to conquer the hard modes that Blizzard is throwing at us. As of the 24/5/09, we have just over 26 active raiding members. Our aim is to have a large pool of raiders to choose from during progression raiding. It is from this we select the best 25, the deciding factors based on player skill, class, gear, etc. The best over-all players will be selected for each fight to ensure that we get bosses down as soon as possible. There is no sitting during farm content, but there might be bench time during progression, based on the fight.

The guild as a whole is a very unique and welcoming place, with a lot of players who live and breathe wow, and others who love video games in general. Outside of raiding we have a lot of players who are very active. A large portion of the guild enjoy arenas and we have the only Alliance side Season 5 Gladiators on the server. We also have our fair share of achievement chasers, with a few over 7200 achievement points. Outside of WoW, we have a number of people who enjoy playing games ranging from DotA, Diablo 2, Counter-Strike and most recently a couple of people who are making stupid families in Sims 3 together. On top of this we also like to gear our alts, and have raid nights where we do all the current content on alts.

During progression we push to get things down as fast as possible. We raid 5 nights a week (excluding Tuesdays and Saturdays) from 8PM AEST until 12AM AEST, with raids starting as soon as possible, and lasting as long as possible. While is is not required to be on earlier than 8PM or raid later than 12AM, time put in is greatly appreciated as it is most important during progression. We do not want to be a casual guild, and sub par performance is something we are not interested in and will not allow. Our goal is to be up there with the best.

Our loot is distributed by a simple DKP system. DKP is earnt per boss kill and at the end of each month each persons DKP value is rounded off by a percentage. This is to discourage DKP saving and doesn't give new members a disadvantage upon joining. Recruits are only able to win items when no raiders need it. During progression we generally stack tanks with gear. Legendary items are done via a loot council system to prevent people saving for such items. Everything is done as fair as possible to prevent any drama.

What we want

To put is bluntly, we are looking for exceptional players. We do not want players who login for raids and then log off once it has finished. We are also not an anti-social guild, and do not want players who will not be apart of the guild outside of raiding.

We want players who know everything about their class, and who will not be quitting the game anytime soon. Having as much experience as possible, dating back a long way, displays how much you know about the game. Having experience with Ulduar and hard modes is a plus.

We are not looking for players who cannot take constructive criticism, so having thick skin is a must. We are looking for players who generally enjoy WoW as a whole, people who seek to increase their character, be it through achievement points, PvP or experience and not just log on for raids and log off right after. So if you are a raid logger, don't bother applying. As far as gear and experience goes, we do not have any set in stone rules, however, having as close to max best-in-slot gear, gems and enchants and as much experience as possible is what we are looking for.

We are not recruiting a lot of players to have them sit on the bench. During the weeks of progression raiding, we form raids with the absolute best players and classes needed to down bosses as fast as possible. We are recruiting a lot of players and classes to have a large pool of players and classes to choose from for each encounter. We are looking for the best players Oceanic Alliance has to offer.

To apply to Vantage, follow this link: Vantage View topic - Application Template - This takes you to our application template. Simply register on the forums and create a new thread using this template. Please take the time to fill out the application, as you are judged on how it looks. Please do not spam any guild members about your application, we will contact you if we are interested in picking you to join our core raiding team. If you have any questions regarding recruitment, you can contact Toblerone, Ethos or Randomloot on the Thaurissan server, or by sending a PM to Toblerone through the Vantage forums at the above link.

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Posted 27 March 2009 - 03:22 PM

Updated, 27/3/09.

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 03:14 AM

Updated, 7/6/09.

Now seeking all classes.

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