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[Alliance][Anub'arak] <Combo Breaker> Recruiting

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Posted 06 February 2009 - 10:25 AM

About Us
<Combo Breaker> is an established guild that was founded in Nov 2007, on Kel'Thuzad. We quickly moved from being an unknown guild who hadn't killed Gruul, to one of the top alliance guilds when Black Temple rolled around. After farming Illidan for awhile, we actually were able to experience some difficult content in Sunwell, progressing from boss to boss and clearing to Mu'ru pre-3.0. Eventually WotLK rolled around and we leveled to 80, but we lost a few members over time and have found it nearly impossible to cross realm recruit to a locked/high-pop server. Despite this we have been able to put all current content on farm with the exception of 3D Sartharion, which we have currently been attempting despite our lack of suitable recruits.

This takes us to where we are now, we have decided to take the free transfer option to Anub'arak. Anub'arak is an EST PvP server located on the Whirlwind battlegroup where the Alliance appear to be greatly outnumbered, and could really use the reinforcements!

About You:

We are currently seeking smart, skilled, and active raiders who not only possess a working knowledge of their class, but a fundamental understanding of the game's mechanics. Also, you should be able to take and give criticism to a reasonable degree without raging out and causing drama. More importantly could perhaps be a list of who we do not want:

If you are someone who died on Thaddius because of "Lag"; Don't apply.
If you are someone who will have "RL Issues" 3 weeks into the guild; Don't apply.
If you don't have time to farm gold/consumables for a raid; Don't apply.
If you aren't looking to be competitive or know what competitive dps/hps is; Don't apply.
If you are a project case or drama queen/king: Don't apply.
If you're a keyboard turner and have slow reaction time: Don't apply.
If you aren't able to follow instructions or recognize and correct your mistakes; Don't apply.

Currently Actively Recruiting:
All skilled players are encouraged to apply regardless of class status, it is just an indication of what is most desired at the current time.

Current Needs:
- Mage
- Warlock
- Hunter
- Restoration Shaman
- Druids (All specs welcome)
- Rogue / DPS Warrior
- Holy / Shadow Priest

Our raiding schedule:
8:30pm - 1AM EST

Note: This is our progression raiding schedule, with the current content more than a couple of nights is rarely necessary and we will see how that changes with the release of Ulduar.

Off-nights are often used for 10 Mans, PvP, Heroics, or anything else people want to do.

How to Apply:
To apply, go to combo-breaker.com, click apply, register and follow the application format posted please.

Thank you for your time and interest in Combo Breaker, if you have any questions or would like to discuss things further, you can contact Trafik, Erionn, or Tooshay on Anub'arak. We look forward to hearing from you!

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