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Posted 06 February 2009 - 03:32 PM

Post: Deathknights 3.1: Giving XI an aneurysm is just a fringe benefit
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A side effect of the Unbreakable Armor change is nerfing it's power to frost dps as a pseudotrinket if you picked up bladed armor (which you should have). Just sitting here in dalaran im at about 14000 armor and almost 1100 strength. I am under the impression that UA double dips here too. Some quick napkin math tells me:

14000*.25=3500 additional armor

3500/180= 19.44

19.44*5=97.2 AP from bladed armor when UA is up.


1100*.1=110 additional strength

110*2= 220 AP


So, unbuffed, UA gets a decent chunk of its AP gain from the bonus armor. Of course the weight of the contribution from the bladed armor gain becomes much smaller in a raid situation with kings, FC/greatness procs, and all that good stuff. But for purposes of min/maxing there is a potential loss there.

AP from bladed armor updates every 30 seconds i believe. So i don't think UA really does anything for AP armor wise. As far as using it in a DPS rotation. It cost a rune to use UA. So you figure that frost rune could be used on something else for more dps say an extra icy touch ? I could be wrong on all this of course. I think blizzards intent was to make UA a defensive ability and is treated as such.

Regarding the viability of 51 point talents, I've definitely read where Ghostcrawler says they don't want the 51 point talents to feel wholly necessary (with the exception of Warrior TG), so I agree with the other poster that HC will remain where it is presently.

I agree as well it should remain 51 points in the tree, but right now a blood dps spec 51 points is necessary for DRW, and soon a unholy DPS spec 51 points will be necessary for gar. 51 points into frost is unheard of, and while i say i don't think any 51 pointer should "define" the tree, i think the 51 pointer should be useful in some way for pve and pvp. Currently (in my personal opinion) hungering cold is not worth the 1 point it is required to take it.

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