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Infraction for Aëdes: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.

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Posted 07 February 2009 - 09:11 PM

Post: 3.1 Upcoming Changes
User: Aëdes
Infraction: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.
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•Consumable ammunition has been removed from the game. Arrows and bullets no longer stack, but are not consumed. Ranged attack speed bonus gained from quivers and ammo bags will be preserved in a different capacity.
Sounds like a new excuse to have to grind another rep level probably more
Faction A ammo - 46.5 DPS with 15% haste
Faction B ammo - 67.5 DPS with 10% haste

•A new tier of hunter pet talents have been added. In particular, this allows Beastmaster hunters to improve their damage per second (DPS) with their 51 point talent.
I guess Blizz finally took the hint with the 50/x/x builds. EZ mode just got easier. Pets now do 75% of BM damage... just spam Mend Pet.

•Hunting Party – this talent has been reduced to 3 ranks and also grants a passive bonus to the hunter.
Sounds like a free-bee unless they nerfed it all to hell. No one was buying 5 ranks anyways

•Piercing Shots – this talent has been changed. Your Aimed, Steady and Chimera Shots cause the target to bleed for 10/20/30% of damage dealt for 8 sec.
MM will be the new flavor of the week until the 3.1.1 patch nerfs MM back into oblivion. A new shot rotation that calls for AS to be cast every 8 seconds will revolutionize the way MM are played.

•Sniper Training – this talent has been changed. After standing still for 6 sec, you gain a 2/4/6% damage bonus to Steady, Aimed and Explosive Shot.
Could be very bad for 50% of the fights out there. After standing still for 6 seconds you gain a bonus to your next Steady, Aimed and Explosive Shot? Do you gain an EW-type buff for 8/10 seconds? Best case would probably be gain Aspect of the Sniper that cancells on movement.

•We are also looking to add additional trap functionality to Survival.
With the Sniper change combined with this cryptic hint, it seems like Survival is being pushed towards Trap dancing without the dancing part. Hopefully the "additional trap functionality" will include an increased trigger radius so that traps can actually be used on the larger bosses. A Freezerburn arrow that slows and deals damage would probably be a bit much to hope for (Hey they did it with AotDragonhawk right?) but it'd make PoNE and TM much more attractive.

here goes nothing... again

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