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Discipline priest raiding compendium

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Posted 09 February 2009 - 11:19 PM

Discipline PvE raiding compendium

I noticed that there is no centralized place for discussing discipline priests in raids and that there is no real discipline specific compendium either. I thus decided to make this thread as a place to discuss and get information about this quite new raiding spec for priests.

Note: This compendium lacks maths, most of the relevant math for both disc & holy priests can be found on the wotlk healing compendium.


The standard PvE raiding discipline build is 57/13/0. The one free is usualy put in either Healing Focus or Desperate Prayer. It is also possible to drop some talents in the discipline tree to be able to pick up Improved Healing, this would usually be done by dropping Renewed Hope, Aspiration and/or Enlightenment.

Strengths of a discipline priest

Discipline priests are highly effective at single target healing, usually on a tank. This is mostly due to their ability to throw some very powerful shields on the target of their choice and to be able to maintain extremely high hps for a short period of time with certain combos (Power Word:Shield , Penance, Greater Heal would be a good example). Discipline priests are also very efficient and will very rarely run out of mana thanks to rapture. When having a discipline priest in the raid other non discipline priests should be aware to not use Power Word: Shield on the tank at all, and limiting its use on other targets.

Weaknesses of a discipline priest

Discipline priests are weak at raid healing, they can currently not heal more then one person except if they are all in your own party (this is however changing with 3.1 with the addition of Power Word: Barrier and Prayer of Healing healing the party of the target). They do however not do a bad job at it by using a combination of Power Word: Shield (which will gain you borrowed time) , Flash Heal, Prayer of Mending and Penance. Currently, the glyph of PoH's HoT will reapply Grace each time it ticks, which makes it very effective to keep Grace up on your own party (and if it doesn't get changed in 3.1, on other parties as well). A portion of your heals will also proc Divine Aegis, shielding some of your raid members with protection against additional raid damage in the next 12 seconds.

Compared to Holy, Discipline lacks CoH, has a Prayer of Mending that is less effective and also has a more expensive Binding Heal (due to Binding Heal not proccing rapture).

Key talents

Rapture - This spells is the main reason disc priests rarely run out of mana, their heals aren't efficient by themselves, but effective healing and absorbs will return a decent amount of mana back to the priest.

Divine Aegis - This talent will cause the target to gain an extra shield which will also return mana with rapture, this gives double benefit, there will be less healing needed in the next seconds on the target and when the target gets hit the priest will get mana back.

Borrowed Time - This talent allows for very high hps for a short period of time because the buff is not consumed by channeled or instant casts while still affecting them (this makes Penance very fast). A common example would be Power Word: Shield followed by a Penance and then either Greater Heal or Flash Heal depending on the situation.

Penance - This talent is probably one of the best heals ingame, it has an 8 second cooldown with the Aspiration talent. It is a 2 second channel, this has several advantages: The first heal tick occures immediately (it does however have a very short flight time) and after that there will be 2 other ticks every second. This allows Penance to very effectivly save someone that would otherwise have died.

Grace - This talent is very helpful mostly on bossfights, where it being up will cause the tank to take significantly less damage then he otherwise would while increasing the healing you do to him. The damage reducing part does however not stack with Blessing of Sanctuary.

Mana returns from Rapture
The formula for mana returns from rapture is
Rapture Mana Return = (Healed or Absorbed Amount / 11460) * 2.5% * Mana Pool
Because the amount healed or absorbed is divided by a constant factor rapture will be able to reach exceedingly high levels in the next few tiers of content.

Spellpower and rapture
Taken from TheDocter's post

Flash Heal -> 3/7*1.88 = 0.80571...
Greater Heal -> 6/7*1.88 = 1.611428...
Penance -> 6/7*1.88 total and /3 to get per tick = 0.537142...

So for looking at spell power to rapture you find that...

Flash Heal
1 spell power = .80571*1.04*1.06*(grace uptime% = 1 for simplicity) * (crit factor = 1 for simplicity) / 11500 * 2.5% = 0.0000019309 * mana pool
Greater Heal
1 spell power = 1.611428*1.04*1.06*(grace uptime% = 1 for simplicity) * (crit factor = 1 for simplicity) / 11500 * 2.5% = 0.0000038618 * mana pool
1 spell power = .537142*1.04*1.06*(grace uptime% = 1 for simplicity) * (crit factor = 1 for simplicity) / 11500 * 2.5% = (0.0000012873 * mana pool) * 3 ticks = 0.0000038618 * mana pool

Some obvious things here are the mana return contribution of spell power increases the larger the mana pool. I used 0% crit which sets the crit factor to 1 to get the baseline results. You can figure the crit factor using (1.0*(1-crit)+1.5*crit). If you go through the work you find that 1% crit yields 1% increase multiplier against the mana pool, though that should be obvious.

Given a 25k mana pool (what I consider standard raid buffed with Naxx 25 gearing) and treating the cast time as the regen period to get a mp5 value...
Flash Heal
1 spell power = 0.048275 mana per cast * 5 / (1.5/(1 + haste)) -> 0.16092 mp5(0 haste), 0.20115 mp5(25% haste)
Greater Heal
1 spell power = 0.096545 mana per cast * 5 / (2.5/(1 + haste)) -> 0.19309 mp5(0 haste), 0.24136 mp5(25% haste)
1 spell power = 0.096545 mana per cast * 5 / (2.0/(1 + haste)) -> 0.24136 mp5(0 haste), 0.30170 mp5(25% haste)

Obviously from the data you can see that Penance is the best mp5 from rapture, we already knew that. We also see that 1% haste -> 1% increased mp5 from rapture returns.

Power Infusion
Power Infusion can be used in two ways, either to boost raid dps or to boost your own hps or another healers efficiency. How to use it depends on the encounter, but it should never be off cooldown for too long (to not forget this it can be handy to use an addon like power auras). It should be put on a dps on encounters where the enrage timer is being an issue (examples of this could be Malygos, where using it when there are two sparks on the raid will provide a very nice dps increase). Using it on yourself is good when you need that extra hps and efficiency. You should always keep in mind that Power Infusion does not stack with Heroism / Bloodlust, if both buffs overlap, PI will be partly wasted.

Pain Suppression
This spell is mostly useful when you know a lot of damage is incoming. This is the case on a lot of bosses that enrage (the last 5% of patchwerk would be a good example)

Stat focus
Regen and Throughput need to be balanced in a way you have as much Throughput as possible without running out of mana. Stats that will help Throughput are Spellpower, haste, crit rating and intellect (by granting crit). Stats that will help with regen are intellect, spirit, mp5, spellpower (bigger heals leads to more mana returned from rapture) and crit (mana returns via rapture caused by bigger heals and absorbs from Divine Aegis).

The value of Intellect
Taken from TheDoctor's post

1 Int = .1875mp5 (Replenishment)
1 Int = .208mp5 (6min fight, mana pool size)
1 Int = .083mp5 (6min fight, shadowfiend)
1 Int = .017mp5 (6min fight, DA absorbs procing Rapture) - Might need new modeling
1 Int = up to .5 mana per cast flash/greater heal = 4500/11460*.025*20*200/360*5 = ~.545mp5
1 Int = up to 1.5 mana per cast Penance = 3500/11460*.025*20*3/7*5 = ~.327mp5
1 Int = 1.3675mp5

Crit Stacking
Stacking crit increases your throughput and mana regen from rapture while also leaving a shield on the target that will grant you more mana when (if?) it absorbs damage. This means that stacking crit becomes less effective when your Divine Aegis start overwriting eachother. A reasonable maximum to consider for crit chance is 30%. This is not a hard cap however, as this is highly dependant on the current encounter.

This was taken from atrinitydream's post.

Below numbers indicate haste rating required to cap the GCD to 1 second. Note that PI/Heroism + BT always cap haste. Haste Modifiers stack multiplicatively. Enlightenment is included.
[TABLE]Haste Modifiers|Talents + Buffs Only|w/ PI (20%)|w/ BT (25%)|w/ Heroism (30%)
3% [Moonkin/Ret Paladin]|1268.85|510.88|359.28|219.35
5% [Wrath of Air]|1182.22|438.69|289.98|152.71|
3% + 5%|1052.29|330.40|186.03|52.76[/TABLE]

Haste for obvious reasons has a negative effect on rate of mana usage, but what is not widely recognized is that if you are able to add x amount of haste rating and consequently do less overhealing, the additional mana returned from Rapture can easily compensate for the loss in efficiency due to casting more.

At approximately mid-Naxx25 gear levels (2200 spell power, 30% crit, 200 haste) and average amounts of overheal (50% overheal on non-crits, 65% on crits, 25% of DAs lost due to overwriting or non-absorption), for FH adding 10 points of haste requires you do to .5% less overhealing.

This number is variable based on the amount of overhealing you do as well as your current gear level, etc., but the point is that haste does not have as great a negative impact on efficiency as is believed.

Furthermore, and perhaps more significantly, the amount of overheal needed to zero out the mana loss from haste decreases as crit, spell power, and particularly max mana increase (in other words, as gear improves).

Data is below:

Overheal (Throughout): 50.0%, Crit Overheal 65.0%, Aegis Overheal: 25.0%

Spell Power: 2200.0, Crit: 30.0%, Max Mana: 25000.0
At 200.0 haste:
  Flash MPS Cost: 464.184964928
  Flash Rapture MPS: 97.8292567561
  Difference (net loss): 366.355708172
At 210.0 haste:
  Flash MPS Cost: 465.519213175
  Flash Rapture MPS: 98.1104561144
  Difference (net loss): 367.40875706
MPS Lost: 1.05304888811
Added Effective Healing to net zero: 0.568164864133%

Spell Power: 2500.0, Crit: 35.0%, Max Mana: 30000.0
Overheal: 50.0%, Crit Overheal 65.0%, Aegis Overheal: 25.0%
At 200.0 haste:
  Flash MPS Cost: 464.184964928
  Flash Rapture MPS: 128.560334937
  Difference (net loss): 335.624629991
At 210.0 haste:
  Flash MPS Cost: 465.519213175
  Flash Rapture MPS: 128.929867374
  Difference (net loss): 336.5893458
MPS Lost: 0.964715809115
Added Effective Healing to net zero: 0.399198539158%

The relevant portions of the Python script (I hate Excel) used to generate this data are below (so those more knowledgeable than I can check my math). I left out basic calculations like those for cast time and base flash heal amount. Grace is NOT assumed to be up. NOTE: For clarity, '_add' refers to calculations when adding x amount of haste (10, in my sample runs above), which as they're identical for everything except the last four lines I've omitted to try to save space. I can provide the full script upon request.

flash_total_healing = (noncrit_percent * flash_base_heal * noncrit_effective) + (crit_percent * flash_base_heal * 1.5 * crit_effective) + (crit_percent * flash_base_heal * 0.45 * da_effective)
flash_rapture_return = max_mana * (flash_total_healing / 11460.0) * 0.025

flash_cast_time = 1.5/(1.05 * (1.0 + (haste_rating / 3279.0)))
flash_mps_cost = flash_cost / flash_cast_time

flash_rapture_mps = flash_rapture_return / flash_cast_time

net_loss = flash_mps_cost - flash_rapture_mps

needed_flash_rapture_return = flash_cost - (flash_add_cast_time * net_loss)
needed_flash_total_healing = (needed_flash_rapture_return / (max_mana * 0.025)) * 11460.0
added_effective_percent = (((needed_flash_total_healing / flash_base_heal) - (crit_percent * 0.45 * da_effective)) - (noncrit_percent * noncrit_effective) - (crit_percent * 1.5 * crit_effective))/(noncrit_percent + (crit_percent * 1.5))

Non-tangible Benefits

It also bears noting that haste increases ability (this is more noticeable in large quantities than small) to concentrate on more than one target at once as well as further supports Discipline's already strong ability to reactively, rather than exclusively proactively, heal.

Red slots:
Yellow slots: , or
Blue slots:

Red slots:
Yellow slots:
Blue slots:

is the superior metagem at lower gear levels and when regen is a significant problem.
will grant more intellect then the IED if you have more then 1.1k intellect. It is also the prefered metagem for Throughput. It does however usualy provide less regen overal then IED but the fact that it does not require any blue gems in your gear and also grants spellpower makes it the superior choice in most cases.

Regen granted by IED vs ESD
Taken from TheDoctor's post.

IED is worth ~30mp5 on average... So for ESD to equal its regen you need to reach, 30/1.3675 = 21.93 Int + 21 Int = 42.93 Int. This requires an unreal amount of Int somewhere around ~1900 unbuffed. Though at 1500 Int you receive more than the minimum mana regen that the IED models to.

Head: - Kirin tor revered

Shoulders: or - Exalted and Honored with Sons of Hodir respectively. If you are an inscriptor you will ofcourse use the inscriptor only enchant.

Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Speed or Darkglow Embroidery if you're a tailor

Chest: Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats

Bracers: Enchant Bracers - Superior Spellpower

Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower



Boots: Enchant Boots - Greater Vitality or Enchant Boots - Greater Spirit, whichever gives most regen at your current gear level. Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality is also viable if survability is needed.

Rings: Enchant Ring - Greater Spellpower (enchanter only)

Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spellpower

Major Slots
I consider the and the a must for major slots, the third major slot can then be filled with either , , or depending on personal preference and what encounter your guild is currently working on.

Minor Slots
There are a few decent minor glyphs you can choose between, their advantages vary, I will list them all here.

- I consider any glyph that can save you mana in combat an acceptable minor glyph

- This removes the reagent cost from levitate, this is VERY handy. As it often happens to end up without light feathers right at the moment you need one to prevent getting killed.

- With this glyph, it is possible to get mana back from your shadowfiend the regular way, and then try to position it so it dies and you get another 5% extra mana. This is however quite tricky to do but can be quite rewarding.

- This glyph will make your Shadow Protection and Prayer of Shadow Protection last longer, this is mostly handy on very long encounters where you find you have to rebuff it midfight (though that is mostly irrelevant if you buffed everyone right before the fight or if a paladin is providing an aura of shadow protection)

The flash you choose depends if you need throughput or regen more, usually is taken but can be taken when regen is really an issue.

, , and are the superior choices when it comes to food. It is however also possible that someone in your raid will setup a for you to use, providing the exact same amount of spellpower as the salmon would have provided.

There are a few very good trinkets for discipline, what you use as trinkets very much depends on the encounter and on what gear you have.

- Nice trinket giving a lot of crit as well as a nice on crit regen proc, its internal cooldown is 45 seconds.
- With Disc priests usualy chaincasting, this trinket pretty much equals a permanent 200 spellpower bonus.
- This trinket gives a good amount of spellpower, has a decent regen broc and is BoE, it is a very good alternative to the above trinkets if they don't seem to drop.
- The value of this trinket depends how much use you take in the haste proc. If you see yourself getting full use of the haste proc most of the time, its a very valuable trinket.
- The intellect version of this trinket gives a very high boost to regen and procs often enough to combine it with shadowfiend, increasing its value. The amount of regen this trinket gives allows you to remove some regen from other slots.

Optimal gear list
Thanks to Ashnell for this gear list.

with &


with &

With raidbuffs and enchant you stats will look like this(from rawr):
Spellpower: 2633 + 200 from
Crit: 35,89% + (4% from Renewed Hope)
Haste: 25,12%
Mana: 24328
Int: 1383
Spirit: 1066
MP5: 562

#2 Cydon


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 12:52 AM

is really lackluster to me since they nerfed the healing by 3% and the HoT portion of usually gets sniped, however it's still a decent glyph (Mostly for 10's I'd say). I would rather recommend or as the third major glyph (Going by personal preference).
Holy Nova glyph makes holy nova comparable to Circle of Healing in terms of hps, downsides being it's range and party limited, but with no cooldown.

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 01:26 AM

As long as we are still awaiting the major buff to PoH in 3.1, the glyph for it may be not that great. However, speaking of 3.1, it gets buffed quite a lot. Therefore, I would recommend using the glyph to "get a feeling" for it as long as we have the time to pratice with it.

Thank you very much for starting this thread by the way. Let's hope for it to develop into a major source of knowledge for the Discs among us.
Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. - Andre Gide

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 02:01 AM

I think the +16 int gem is a solid competitor to the potent monarch for yellow slots. Also, meta gem to add.

I would argue a 58/13 build, how often does one ever cast desperate prayer? I don't even recall where it is at on my toolbar. A point in absolution would be better, or even 1 point in Imp DS if you are still grinding rep.

I anticipate some of us will be posting a BiS list for Disc gear, my next post will be on 'can I live with the until drops'?

Being a fan of Constantius, I am collecting a some of the 'meh for disc' gear from his compodium thread, and finding that getting some of this gear gets you a more balanced build (which i feel is necessary to effectively raid heal). With the new info in this thread, and some of the great information in the 3.0 compodium, maybe I can actually backup my feelings and experience with numbers.

And yes, thanks for the new thread! I will be adding to it as I can, i enjoy disc a lot. I would love to have metrics to compare my performance, i get disheartened seeing my hps numbers against the other healers sometimes.

#5 Incoherence


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 02:41 AM

For blue slots, and/or would seem to be two excellent choices for regen, and as mentioned above me, pretty much blows away every other meta gem in the game.

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 05:04 AM

I find myself gearing for throughput as much as possible when it comes to gems.

Red -
Yellow -
Blue - (on places I don't care about the socket bonus, I usually stick a Runed Scarlet Ruby here. Perhaps I should be using the 9sp/8spi gem, but I don't really notice any problems with mana regen..ever..so it's somewhat of a moot point (though I suppose the spirit would be decent for standing around, and a bit more transferrable when swapping to holy if I have to).

I might start looking at crit/haste gems though, but I think I might just wait until the epic gems come (if they're the same ones I see in WoWhead, there are some very nice gems) before going mad on swapping stuff around.

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 05:35 AM

Nice overview. A few comments:

1. I'll add my voice to those saying Desperate Prayer is far from standard. Healing Focus is where I generally put the last point (especially when I was running many 5-mans in addition to raiding).

2. Keep in mind when planning your PI CD that it does not stack with Heroism/Bloodlust.

3. I think, as others have mentioned, that it's worth mentioning that you've chosen to gem towards throughput, which is not the only option. I personally prefer to gem conservatively (towards regen). Int/SP (red), Int (yellow), and Int/Spirit (blue) are generally the best choices in that case.

4. I don't completely agree with your stat priority:

Discipline priests should focus mostly on spellpower, intellect and crit though haste and mp5 are also important. Spirit is still a valuable stat, as it provides regen to a disc priest , but it does not provide any other bonusses unlike to a holy priest. Often disc priests will need the same gear pieces as dps casters. Because of that, it is not uncommon for disc priests to get some pieces with spirit on them, as usually less people will want those.

- Though I think Disc gearing should generally tend more towards crit than haste, once you get beyond roughly 30% crit stacking it begins to have little benefit. Crit is excellent to pick up early on as it improves efficiency as well as provides a slight throughput gain, but despite DA benefits crit is not a strong throughput stat. At higher gear levels haste becomes increasingly valuable (and necessary to increase throughput).

- I'm sure most people reading this thread are aware of it, but it's not clear from what you state that spirit and MP5 fulfill exactly the same role. The rough conversion is still 5 spirit ~= 2 MP5.

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 06:06 AM

Thanks for starting this thread! Looking good so far, just a few comments

I think in the section on gems and also the section on stats (for picking gear) we should specify regen versus throughput choices. Several people have mentioned that they prefer one over the other so I think it is important that we mention both. Something like


Red slots:
Yellow slots:
Blue slots:

Red slots:
Yellow slots:
Blue slots:

And in the Stats section I think we should mention the way you weight stats will change with gear level. I mean that when beginning raiding (wearing blues) regen stats like intellect should be a priority but once your mana pool reaches 22k-23k you should start to shift gem/gear focus to throughput stats because at that point with replenishment/rapture you can outlast any fight.

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 08:03 AM

"Gear level" is quite a vague term. I do not see a possibilty to draw a line between "gear levels" as a shadowpriest may have with "under hitcap" and "reached hitcap".
So let's try to stay as clear as possible: more than 30% crit is not that effective as stated above. INT and SPI should be on a level that you don't run oom in the longest fight your guild does right now. Personally, I would recommend about 22k- 23k mana as Squeakster wrote as a good goal to reach for. Then comes the throughput, which means spellpower and haste. The question here is: which stat will provide you with more raw healing/time? I wasn't able to find a mathematical approach to it, so please feel free to post some thoughts on this topic. I will try to get more haste sooner or later because I think that we mainly cast very fast or even instant spells and therefore can profit a lot from lowering our global cooldown.
So my rule of thumb I would like to see discussed:
After you reach 30% crit, aim for more haste.
Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. - Andre Gide

#10 Ashnell


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 09:30 AM

This my suggestion for the best disc gear avaible in the current content. It may vary dependant on your professions.

with &


with &


With raidbuffs and enchant you stats will look like this(from rawr):
Spellpower: 2633 + 200 from
Crit: 36,51% + (4% from Renewed Hope)
Haste: 26,24%
Mana: 24298
Int: 1381
Spirit: 1018
MP5(In FSR): 546

[Edit] Exchanged with

#11 Glasswizard


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 09:59 AM

Regarding the best gear list I mostly agree. Just want to add one variation which is sometimes overlooked: , the shadow version, is actually a very good choice for disc, too. Especially if you only use one Valorous anyway (so no set bonus) I'd prefer those.

#12 Ashnell


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 10:23 AM

Regarding the best gear list I mostly agree. Just want to add one variation which is sometimes overlooked: , the shadow version, is actually a very good choice for disc, too. Especially if you only use one Valorous anyway (so no set bonus) I'd prefer those.

You're are absolutely right are the better choice and I had overlooked those. I'll edit my post.

#13 colonelclaw


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 11:02 AM

I'm a recent convert to Discipline having been primarily Holy since I started playing the game. Having switched I must say I had no idea how powerful a spec it is. The main reason I switched was to complete the 10-man version of Sartharion with 3 Drakes, which is currently the hardest fight in the game. We were banging our heads against the wall on this fight, and although we made a few other changes to our setup, me going Disc was a definite contributing factor to beating this encounter. When I was specced Holy it just wasn't working. I would urge any long-time Holy priests passing by this thread to give it a go for a week or two at least, right now being a great time to experiment whilst we wait for Ulduar. In the meantime I'm definitely sold on Disc, and will now convert all my enchants and gems accordingly.
My observations so far are:
Spending one point on Desperate Prayer is good value for money. It's been a real bonus to have it available during Sarth3D, Malygos, Sapphiron and other AOE-intensive encounters
Not having Healing Focus hasn't caused me any problems whatsoever - much to my surprise.
The importance of Haste cannot be underestimated, especially on a fight like Sarth3D
It's great not running out of mana any more!

#14 denandra


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 11:14 AM

Lovely guide!
I like the Luminous Monarch Topaz, is there a good reason it's not in the list? It gives us two of our most important stats.
I would also like to mention Forge Ember as a very good alternative until you can get the trinkets listed.
Also for foods these are alternatives: Spicy Blue Nettlefish, Spiced Wyrm Burger, Tender Shoveltusk Steak

Edit: Wowhead links, food.

#15 Garantio


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 01:22 PM

Great thread! Thanks a lot!

I have a question about 2-set T7 bonus you're dropping in your BiS set. If we take holy shoulders and gloves both with 19sp gems we will have

Int: 0
Spi: -39
SP: -18
Crit: 40
Haste: 37

I wonder if it does or doesn't worth 6th PoM bounce. In some fights with constant raid damage (Sapphiron, Malygos vortex in P1 and most of P2) PoM will make all bounced inside the cd but 40 crit and 37 haste should work on every other fight. So I'm really confused choosing between these. May be keep 2 sets?

#16 Glasswizard


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 03:48 PM

An "optimal gear list" ist just the best allrounder gear out there (and will vary, depending on taste and playstyle). That doesn't mean that it's the best gear in any given situation, so if you're doing progress it's always worthwhile to bring additional gear (e.g. Setpieces for a specific setbonus, different trinkets, etc.). So yes, even if I had all the pieces on my "optimal gear list" I would probably wear 2 T7.5 on an encounter with elements designed like Malygos vortex.

#17 Sureall


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 03:50 PM

I would argue that the BiS chest piece is the Sanctum's Flowing Vestments. It seems the crit Vs. haste argument was overtaken in the holy thread and I would like to continue that discussion here. As my final set would opt for more haste.

#18 colonelclaw


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 04:45 PM

In agreement with Sureall. The hardest encounters in WotLK require plenty of haste, and the can't be beaten for that, especially when considering they have 2 gem slots. I would gem them with and , personally.
Evolve's guide is shaping up nicely. Please consider adding and as trinket alternatives. Both are pretty easy to obtain, and are excellent for Discipline.

To answer Garantio regarding the T7 2 set bonus, I would say that should better gear drop don't hesitate to lose this set bonus; current fights are rarely causing the 6th Mending to go off before the cooldown is up. If you can heal through Sapphiron or Malygos' vortex fine without it, then don't worry too much about keeping the bonus.

#19 Ashnell


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 05:23 PM

@Garantio: I agree with coloneclaw the 2-set bonus isn't worth the tradeoff.

BiS list I made, is of course made to fit my current playstyle. It might be a good idea to trade some crit for haste, I don't know yet, but I hope to find out.

#20 skittled


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Posted 10 February 2009 - 05:31 PM

Thanks for posting this. It's nice to have a centralized spot for discipline information. I'd like to add a bit of my own opinions, however.

Metagem: I am currently using . Certainly IED is the best regen meta in game, but I have absolutely no regen issues at all anymore. I am sitting at 1224 int unbuffed (without using a single int gem), so the 2% int gives me more int & mana than the IED, plus I get an extra 25 spellpower. If/when I run into mana problems later, I will probably switch back to IED. However, I consider it a very viable option once one has reached a certain gear level.

Trinket: The value of for both Holy and Disc priests has been discussed extensively in the Healing compendium 3.0. I would suggest adding it to the list, as it is an exceptional regen trinket. I was also skeptical of the usefulness of the proc before I acquired the trinket, however, I am never disappointed when it procs, and it procs often. In fact, it procs regularly enough to be able to time using shadowfiend with it, which greatly increases the value of the proc.

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