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Infraction for Gor: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.

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Posted 13 February 2009 - 02:25 PM

Post: Discipline priest raiding compendium
User: Gor
Infraction: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

I appreciate your question is a valid one. However, the wording, grammar, and layout of your post were atrocious. Even if you are ESL, it doesn't need to be that bad.

Additionally, the topic was discussed to death in the WOTLK Holy Priest Compendium this past week. Try a basic search, and you should find it.

Original Post:

Didnt know where to write - here or in Healin Compendium - but as i am DISC priest - ill ask here.

Renew vs FH - it was long discussed over this board. i was reading how FH is superior as compared to Renew - so wanted to test it myself.

My char is not best equipped - we are just clearing 10Naxx, not 25instas yet.

FH Glyphed, Renew glyphed, changed GH to Renew in talants.

number based on last patchwerk stat

FH cost is 690 mana and crit gives 6091 HP max per crit
Renew costs 590 mana and gives 1594 HP per tic. one cast = 4 tics = 6376 HP

Please tell me - what is wrong with my calculation - or WHY renew is worse than FH?

Yes, i know that renew cannot crit - but it is not supposed to replace FH - but add smoothness to healin.
It is may be better use GH in fights as Patchwerk - but in that case haste 10%+ unbuffed is required - otherwise its too much "jumping" in tank's HP.

If it is wrong topic to post to - i am asking admin to move it to right one.

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