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Ideas that leave us cold.

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#1 elluminea


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 20 February 2009 - 05:48 AM

I don't know how much solution brainstorming goes on in here, I've heard the phrase "lets not make this a wishlist" more than once, but I've tried thinking of ways to allow an increase of power in frost PvE without damaging the fragile (and admittedly fairly ridiculous) balance of PvP. The way the spells are set up now, 'shatter combos' are entirely about burst, and making them worth casting in PvE requires more damage on the free frozen spell, which is simply unacceptable in any other situation. I don't see a way to create balance without a new mechanic, which is why I've done some brainstorming.

- I'm aware adding a dot to the frost rotation along the lines of frost fever - perhaps a disease as well - is basically the same solution they gave fire, but it fits the PvE criteria. Damage over time plus cleansability seems to go over smoothly in the PvP discussions. I imagine it would be the PvE equivalence of ice lance, castable on a frozen target, potentially consuming the freeze. Pneumonia or something, who knows.

- Contrarily you could do something along the lines of arcane, with a buff/debuff that stacked every time you cast frostbolt at an immune target that would boost the effect of the next ice lance, which you would toss on your next fingers of frost. The only PvP advantage it would have would be against recently popped cooldown targets (bubble, iceblock, bladestorm, berserk, beastiality, etc.) and in most of those cases it isn't wise to be chaincasting frostbolts anyway.

- If that debuff rings too similarly to arcane it could be possible to add a more risk/reward system involved. This system is akin to the Eredar Twins debuff system, where you gain some stacking disability that you would want to clear, except with a PvE advantage, and clearable at your discretion. In this case, you would activate a cooldown where casting frostbolts would inflict you with a stacking debuff that reduced YOUR movement speed but increased damage, eventually freezing you in place but hitting hard. To clear that you would cast a frostfirebolt (or fireball could work I suppose), which would inflict you with a stacking DoT that would end up hurting more than your healers appreciate, but again, hitting quite hard. To clear it you would cast a frostbolt, and the cycle would continue. What you'd end up with is that on fights with large splash damage frostbolt would be your spell of choice, on mobility fights frostfire would be better, fights like Sar3D you might play it more safe and swap depending on the phase. This could end up being more risk than reward, but certainly not another PvP overpowered cooldown. This doesn't function with shatter, but it's a new, more interesting, and potentially viable damage boost to frost.

- Glyphs are always a good way to add change, I like the suggestion about having deep freeze be able to switch between the stun and a worthwhile shatter damage spell. I fear that to make it do worthwhile damage people in PvP would sacrifice the stun for how much burst it could do regardless of the loss of control.

- Few bosses spend a lot of time running around, maybe there could be a blizzard glyph that made it only hit your current target (if it's in the circle) but it would hit significantly harder if cast during fingers of frost. Hard enough that the mana dump would be worth it, and the risk of breaking the channel. You also couldn't cast it in the arena if you valued your life, since it's easy to move out of, and it's a long-ass channel to interrupt, plus it's highly visible. This might be less popular due to Blizzard's actual AoE importance, but with dual specs and glyphs it might be considerable.

I realize a number of these require significant mechanic overhauls that probably aren't possible for 3.1, but I like exploring, I find it worthwhile... AND fun :D

#2 germanator


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 20 February 2009 - 07:08 AM

Deriving from elluminea's idea of buffing frost pve damage in one way while nerfing it in another either in pve or pvp, and maybe to finally replace Deep Freeze, I have an idea which would give frost more survival, more burst damage (or overall damage), but at the cost of mobility, partially or entirely...

  • You take the form of ice (either limited amount of time, or permanently...like shadowform)
  • reducing damage done to you (magic and/or physical damage)
  • increasing your damage with frost spells by (either combinations of: a flat %, all targets are considered frozen, targets immune to your snares take extra damage
  • Increases spellpower? haste? or crit? mana gain?
  • New ability of an Iceform only spell?
  • A raid buff or aura from this form?
But should it also include but is not limited to:
  • you are slown by x%, or just rooted entirely
  • limitation of Frost spells only or a reduction in damage of all other spells
  • you gain a debuff such as Hypothermia or something similar
Any ideas if this form would work? Any possible changes to positive and negative effects? Am I missing anything?
Seems like a cheap knockoff of Shadowform...but it needs to be refined...


Iceform- "You are colder than anyone could imagine."

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