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Infraction for badavis5: A multitude of offenses

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Posted 23 February 2009 - 05:16 PM

Post: Demonology Thread
User: badavis5
Infraction: A multitude of offenses
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

If you have been reading for so long, surely you have taken the time to read our forum rules. No? Well perhaps you will before posting again.

Proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization are mandatory here. Your post exhibits none of these. In addition, your Armory profile is available by clicking your character's name. There is no need to link it in your post. Finally, the questions you ask are mostly answerable through proper application of the Search tool.

Original Post:

hello, ive been a long time reader, and this is my first post. now, ive been running 0/41/30 since i hit 80, and i love it..anyway, lately ive hit a wall with my dps. i think that i have pritty nice gear ( armory ) but i cant seem to break 4k dps. i dont know if its my rotation or what, simulationcraft, which i understand its only a sim and its the perfect world scenario has me at 5k+ dps.

my glyphs are CoA, Immo, FG
it seems that i get the best dps using only CoA,Immolate, and a incinerate filler, but life tapping about every 10 seconds to keep up the set bonus buff.

i guess my question is, is there a dps cap to what 0/41/30 will take you? or will it take off like a rocket once i get 2k spell power unbuffed?


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