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Warning for Arterus: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.

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Posted 25 February 2009 - 04:04 AM

Post: Death Knights 3.1: BIG UPDATE
User: Arterus
Infraction: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Discussing changes is fine, whining that X spec now has an easier rotation and the Y spec rotation is ruined is not.
Avoid getting too angsty about PTR.

Original Post:

Sorry if my thoughts seem scattered, still trying to take all of these changes in. My current thoughts:

I honestly didn’t expect them to make THAT many sweeping changes.

**They buff the hell out of Plague Strike so people will actually use it, and in the same patch introduce a glyph to make sure using Icy Touch or Plague Strike more than once a fight a total waste.

**~25%% Nerf to HB, moved to a 51pt talent (fine) – but then they buff Blood Boil and allow HB to apply Frost Fever with a glyph. We may actually get MORE AoE damage using DnD -> HB -> BB than current IT -> Pest -> HB.
My rotation would change that to DnD -> HB -> RT (for Death Rune) -> PS -> Pest. Then simply alternate HB, Pest, and BB.

**They buffed the pants off of Scourge Strike (mostly to fix it’s scaling – needed), but that’s directly opposed to what they need to be doing, and what they said they’d do. They just gave every DK out there MORE incentive to spec Unholy.

**I don't like the change to UA. Yes, it will be nice for trash - but I was never in danger on Trash anyway.
~1200 Damage mitigation per strike on a 25-man Raid boss just isn't enough to justify losing the original damage mitigation + avoidance. Yes, it will scale with effects like Inspiration - but I'm still pretty dubious. Unless I'm missing something - with enough avoidance, Bone Armor will still be better in every regard. Yet another reason to spec Unholy.

Every Frost and Blood rotation is completely screwed with the changes to Plauge Strike and Pestilence. i'm not really sure what Blizzard is intending for us to do. Unholy’s rotation actually got easier, which is hard to believe.

Most of these changes just don’t make sense with what Blizz said they were trying to do.

EDIT: Changed Incorrect 30% nerf on HB to ~25%. Doesn't change the point of the post, or the comment about HB. I originally used 30% as an estimation taking into account Crits as well. All the same, the point remains.

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