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Warning for Belltoll: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.

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Posted 06 March 2009 - 04:42 PM

Post: Free Hat: Deep Subtlety and You
User: Belltoll
Infraction: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

It takes two people to argue. And, quite frankly, the first half of this post is far more argumentative than anything he posted - the criticism he made in the quoted post was totally legitimate. And the first half of your post here is needlessly confrontational. Disagreeing with people is fine. Being a dick about it is not.

It also might be noted that "thanks" posts are better sent via PM. Thus, the sum total of your post that provides useful content is the less sentence - and even that's debatable, as these forums are for discussing what's actually best, not what people happen to enjoy playing. And yes, I realize that there is a reasonable discussion to be had in terms of survivability and mobility versus static DPS - but that discussion has been had, so unless you believe there's something fundamentally different now than the last time it was discussed, it's not clear to me how valuable it is to raise the topic again. I'm not saying it isn't, but the burden of evidence is on the person raising the topic.

In short: please try to be a bit more constructive, as this post is marginal in any number of different ways. Thanks.

Original Post:

Not trying to be argumentative here,

Actually it seems quite clear that you are.

And I actually wouldn't immediately blame the OT for you getting a hateful. I'd blame you for either A) not letting the OTs get primed before you start, or B) not knowing how to manage your threat. Either way, poor play on your part or the OTs part does not warrant a build with Cheat Death when there are other viable talents that do actually increase your DPS.

I know how to play the game and control threat, thanks. I need to move to your server where there's never lag, everything works perfectly, no one ever DC's in the middle of the fight, Kel never MC's someone into the melee and then iceblocks two groups, etc. There's a lot of variables and to paint the game as if every fight is like a target dummy with 100 latency is silly.

Now I am just gonna do some real crude napkin math. In a recent Naxx run + Malygos, I did 15 mln damage. I did a calculation somewhere that 1 point in aggression increases my damage by 1.2%. So by speccing into shadowstep I forgone 180,000 damage that night. My DPS including all traveling around, dying, etc over the entire run was 4600. It would take 39 seconds of extra dps time over the course of the entire night to cover the difference of 180,000 damage. I think it was a lot more than that if you account for Malygos, I can most likely cover that much even within Naxx. On top of that, every time I shadowstepped back in from a distance, it was normally a 5 point rupture, of which I gained 20% more damage. so that's 1500 more damage every time shadowstep was used to engage next target faster. 20 shadowsteps which I most definitely did that way cover 30,000 of the 180,000 gap. Together with the running time, and dps through vortex, shadowstep is definitely worth a lot more than 1 point in aggression.

I have to concede though that on a fight that's normally used as the best measure of single target dps, Patchwerk, I am losing 1.2% dps, which is a lot of epeen value. But I guess it makes it worth even more to me when I can beat others even with shadowstep in my spec.

Thank you for the analysis Mavanas, that was the kind of analysis I was looking for. If anyone else has "I use x spec even knowing it lowers my DPS sligthly on paper but in reality I think it's good" anecdote, that would be appreciated.

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