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[Horde][Cho'gall] <Divinity> Recruiting Experienced Players for Ulduar.

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Posted 09 March 2009 - 05:50 AM

Current Class Needs:

Retribution Paladin
Discipline Priest
DPS Death Knight
Restoration Shaman
Shadow Priest

About Us

Divinity is a end-game raiding guild on Cho'gall that was formed over a year ago. In Burning Crusade, we cleared all content and 3/6 Sunwell pre-3.0 and achieved our KJ kill post 3.0. In WoTLK we cleared all content including Heroic: Glory of the Raider as well as Glory of the Raider. Our guild is composed primarily of older players that are either in college or young professionals and we view WoW as a legitimate hobby. We're passed the point of denying our own gay love for getting purples via slaying imaginary pixel dragons and we therefore take the PvE endgame quite seriously.

Our goal for Ulduar is to clear content as efficiently as possible and continue to improve our server standing and reputation.

About You

We're always looking for seasoned players that can contribute immediately to our raids and provide input and a different perspective on progression content.

What We're Looking For


Experience is a big plus, we've all been playing wow for a long time and we're under no illusion that current content is challenging.

What have you done in BC and vanilla?
Which characters have you played?
How many years have you raided?

These are the questions we use to evaluate new prospects.

Skill and Intelligence

Our guild is composed of people that have other personal responsibilities like family and work. We aren't structured around raiding more then our listed four nights and can't brute force our way through content. We rely on the skill of our players and their ability to execute our strategies without requiring weeks of practice. We also expect you to grasp encounters and game mechanics quickly and do your homework before showing up to the raid.

Situational Awareness

Like those annoying V1 advertisements behind every autosports magazine known to man, we expect our raiders to be aware of everything going on in the raid. Can you avoid fire? Can you tell the difference between D&D and fissure? Could you run from encapsulate?


We expect you to make a majority of our raids on time and prepared. Yes, food buffing and flasking on progression can be expensive, but making money these days isn't that hard.

We automatically assume you're organized enough to be able to schedule your life in a way to make a majority of our raids.

Raiding Schedule

Tue: 7 - 11 server
Wed: 7 - 11 server
Thu: 7 - 11 server
Sun: 7 - 11 server

Loot Distribution

We use a tier-based DKP system. Tiers are our ranks: 1-4, with tier four being the lowest recruit rank. If two players of the same tier roll on an item, its distributed via straight dkp, if two players of a different rank roll an item then we distribute to the higher tier. The top tiers are reserved for core raiders that have been consistent and performed well. Officer ranks are weighed as the same tier as core raiders.

How to Apply

Send me a PM or apply at Divinity Guild

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