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Warning for Sturmbringe: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.

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Posted 11 March 2009 - 07:41 PM

Post: 3.1 Upcoming Changes
User: Sturmbringe
Infraction: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.
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This post is a bit whiny, with a touch of wishlisting. Please try to be a bit more constructive in the future. Thanks.

Original Post:

I like what they are doing with pets in the PTR, so the last thing I want to happen is excessive buffing leading to a huge nerf. The added pet talents seem to be enough to let BM hunters compensate for the normalization of Ferocity damage and then add a little scaling on top of it. I just hope I can stay ahead of my pet on the meter.

Sorry, I don't like what they, meaning Blizzard, are doing on the PTR neither with pets nor with Beast Mastery in general.

To put it simply, none of the core problems with the Beast Mastery tree has been addressed so far. Shark Attack is merely a compensation for reducing the base pet damage of ferocity pets to +5% (down from +10%) plus an extra +1% pet damage, which is basically mockery. As for Wild Hunt, in its present form two ranks in the talent would merely increase a Beast Master pet's Attack Power by about 190 (that is for a Beast Master with about 4,200 Attack Power). It's not like even 400 more Pet Attack Power than what pets get in current Live Raids, may improve BM's Raid Performance substantially, thus Wild Hunt in and of itself is hardly an important improvement.

Some of the core problems with Beast Mastery that still remain unresolved:

1. Less Benefit from Haste: Beast Masters receive less benefit from Haste than both Marksmen and Survivalists.

2. Scaling. Beast Masters get less benefit from gear upgrades than both Marksmen and Survivalists, due to their lack of
scaling talents.

3. Raid Buff Scaling: Again, Beast Masters get less benefit from Raid Buffs than Marksmen and Survivalists do, due to their lack of scaling talents.

4. Lack of on-proc talents that directly benefit the Hunter's DPS instead of the pet's DPS, for example:

(Survival Talents):

Expose Weakness Rank 3: Your ranged criticals have a 100% chance to grant you Expose Weakness. Expose Weakness increases your attack power by 25% of your Agility for 7 sec.

Master Tactician Rank 5: Your successful ranged attacks have a 10% chance to increase your critical strike chance with all attacks by 10% for 8 sec.

A Beast Master's personal DPS would really benefit from something like the above.

5. Lackluster Raid Buff: Ferocious Inspiration is popularly seen as something that a Raid can do without, thus it's not enough of a reason to really justify bringing a Beast Master along in a Raid, as opposed to just bringing 2 or 3 Survivalists.

Frankly, I am not very optimistic that Blizzard will bother looking into these concerns or bother to improve the tree's performance, as Ghostcrawler has stated that "they are happy with BM on the PTR" or something along these lines. I also do not think that Beast Mastery will really be raid-viable come patch 3.1. At most, what will happen is that you will -maybe- sometimes be able to squeeze some passable raid performance out of the tree if you are dedicated enough, but in reality Beast Mastery will still lag substantially behind both Marksmanship and Survival. Survival will continue to be the class' primary Raid tree, with Marksmanship as the alternative riad tree.

Do you really think that the insignificant changes to the Beast Mastery 51 point talent, are really going to make some of the Raiding Hunters (something like 90% of the level 80 Hunter player base are currently Survivalists) respec to Beast Mastery? I think not.

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