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[Horde][Drak'Tharon]<Exoria> LF Pro Priest, DK, Rogue 7PM CST TWThSu Sarth3D clear

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Posted 05 March 2009 - 09:53 AM


Server: Drak'Tharon PVP-US
Faction: Horde
Server Time Zone: Central Standard Time (GMT-6)
Raid Schedule: Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Sunday Invites- 6:30pm, Start- 7:00pm, End- 11:00pm (CST)
Progression: WotLK Clear | Sarth 3D down (10 & 25 man) | Undying
Website: Exoriaguild.net


* Death Knight (Exceptional Candidate) - 1
* Priest (Dual Capacity Holy/Shadow Preferred) - 1
* Rogue (Exceptional Candidate) - 1

All other classes are low demand; however, we are always on the lookout for exceptional applicants of all classes and specs.

About Exoria:

Hello prospective members! Exoria is a PVE focused end-game guild that resides on Drak'Tharon. We are a mature and tight-knit guild whose core have been playing together since Beta. In Exoria, we not only value high skill amongst our members, but high quality of the person behind the character. Raid progression before WotLK was 4/6 Sunwell before nerf 3.0. Currently we are ranked 1st Horde and 3rd overall on Drak'Tharon.

What Exoria is looking for:

*Mature players with a team mentality - If you want to join just to further your own character, and could care less about the people you raid with; this is not the guild for you.
*Players with the ability to pay attention and focus during raids - If you would rather be texting, IMing, or watching TV during a raid, and frequently miss call outs or die as a result, look elsewhere.
*Progression minded players - Loot's nice, but its a means to an end, that end being the successful downing of the most difficult and trying content in the game.
*Responsibility towards attendance - 100% attendance is certainly ideal, but RL happens. We require all members and recruits to notify the guild if any raids will be missed.
*A constant drive to become better - Unenchanted, ungemmed gear? Probally not the guild for you.

DKP System:

Our DKP system works on a Open-Bid system and is explained further here: DKP Explained

To Apply:

All applicants are required to apply on our recruitment forums: Exoria - Recruitment
If you prefer to app privately, submit your application using the "Make Thread Private" feature, which is located on the "New Topic" page .


Should you have any questions regarding this post or possible recruitment please feel free to PM me or send a message to Jonnybulzeye, Claud, Stormblade or Maako in-game. Good luck and thank you for your time.
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