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Infraction for Kaneda979: New poster! ALERT! ALERT!

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Posted 20 March 2009 - 02:11 PM

Post: The Retribution Paladin Thread (Wrath/3.0)
User: Kaneda979
Infraction: New poster! ALERT! ALERT!
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I can't recall too many "new poster" posts that haven't sucked. Good thing you pointed yours out for us.

Do your own research.

Original Post:

Hello all. I'm new to this forum and so far loving it, I've learned allot from this tread alone it's helped to make my pally freakin' sweet. I have a level 70 Ret/Holy Pally and I'm getting to the point of worrying about what to get for my end game PvP gear. This is my first pally, and so far I'm having a blast with him, even made him my main over my level 75 DK. But I still have allot to learn.

I'm thinking of getting PvE gear also, but not as worried about it as much I am PvP stuff or should I? Problem is I'm not exactly sure what to go with. Can any of you please give me an idea of what I should be looking for?

I've searched the web for anything on this and most everything I've found is out of date about old patches' gear, not even updated to WotLK, or just listings of some gear sets and their stats, which I still can't tell much about.

I wanna know whats best for a DPS pally at the moment with the current patch, be it an armor set or a mix of different stuff. Weapon, boots, and all, and if somehow I can squeeze in any amount of healing bonus without taking away from any of my possible DPS, that would be great too. I would of researched this and asked around more sooner, but I've just been focusing on leveling and doing some Battleground runs here and there.

Oh that reminds me, is any of the gear earned threw honor points from Battlegrounds or Arena currently worth it? I don't see many players on my server using or wearing that stuff, so I'm not sure if it's because of the time you have to put into getting that stuff or it's just not worth it.

And one last thing. These new Ret T8 pally sets coming soon, are they going to be worth my time or is the current stuff just as good or better?

Well, that's it I think. Hope I'm not asking about too much stuff at once. >_< Please answer for me as much as you can and I'll be looking forward to your reply's. Appreciate the help.

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