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Infraction for iwx: Mod Sass

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Posted 28 March 2009 - 11:19 PM

User: iwx
Infraction: Mod Sass
Points: 3

Administrative Note:

Message to User:

I beg to differ.

I must be retarded, though, because posting what I use and allowing other people (who may not use certain addons) to see how they work and what they do could not possibly be considered a contribution. Of course everyone uses the same addons as me and my current UI as an example is just a waste of time for anyone who wants to see it. I clearly didn't read the rules
My bad.

OH WAIT! Not everyone uses the same UI, you say? Not everyone might use the same addons and have no idea what they look like in action?? How crazy of a thought!

Perhaps your note is misplaced; regardless of what you claim in the beginning of the thread ("endless circle jerk" or whatever you said), everyone's UI and list could be a valuable contribution.


Yes, you must be retarded. It is definitely your bad. kthxbai

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