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[Alliance][Detheroc] <Nightfall> Recruiting DPS and Heals for Ulduar!

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Posted 31 March 2009 - 10:41 AM

About Us:

We are Nightfall, a Detheroc guild that has cleared all WOTLK Content save OS 3D, both 10 and 25 man. We are looking for dedicated and competent non-DK DPS and healers to round off our group for Ulduar. Especially looking for the following: feral DPS druid, shadow priest, disc priest, holy priest, combat rogue, enhance shaman, any spec of mage. Currently full on DK's, but will consider well composed applications from all other classes and specs.

We are a relatively laid-back and fun guild, vent is always lively in and out of raids. Off night and late night BC and Pre-BC raids occur with some frequency to show people content they may have missed. Despite our fun demeanor, we take our raiding seriously and will not tolerate those who do not listen, show-up, or perform to our standards. If you do stupid stuff, you will be kicked from the raid.

About Potential Applicants:

You should know your class, your spec, your gear, and be well read on fight strats. You will be expected to attend a majority of raids, and be flasked and food buffed for all progression content and most 25 man content. Also, try and not to be the oversensitive type. Joking and poking fun at others is common. Vent can be crude sometimes and we leave it up to our members to self police in nearly all circumstances.

Raiding Infomation:

We raid Monday thru Thursday 6:45 to 11:00 CST (server). Optional raids may also occur on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but are not mandatory. All loot is done by officer loot council. If you do not perform or show up regularly, you should not expect any loot. We sometimes might choose to DE loot than gear up terrible players.

If you have any questions message Birginyon, Feychanghao or Xeromessiah in game, or fill out an application at Nightfall of Detheroc. Please include contact info if you are from a different server and would like to speak with us (i.e. date, time, and vent info). We welcome server transfers.

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