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Posted 17 April 2009 - 07:25 PM

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Hi there!

I am currently playing around with this new GCGS rotation, and I think it's great! I was just wondering:

When I use this prioritylist: CS > HoW > Judge > DS > Conc > Exorcism > HW

, I will some times have to use my Exorcism, when there is 0,5 sec CD left on CS. This will trigger the GCD, so I have to wait 1,5 second for CS (which is the first priority), because I used Exorcism (which is the sixth priority) 0,5 sec too early.

So for you theorycrafters out there. Is this a part of the GCGS-rotation, or will there be situations, where you will have to wait for the first priority?

- Protovic

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